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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Email in: Best Space Marine (or Dark Angels) units

"Hi Kirby,

Looking at Abusepuppy’s post on “Evaluating Bad Units” made me think of what I think of as the best Space Marine or Dark Angels units

Here are my thoughts

Space Marines (Librarian, Terminator Armour, Storm Shield)
Dark Angels (Belial, TH/SS)

Rifle Dread (but not for DA)
Assault Terminators (Troops for Dark Angels)

5-man squad with Razorback, or 10-man squad with Rhino?

Fast Attack
Speeders with Missile Launchers

Heavy Support
Dakka Pred

Question? What’s better?
5-man squad with Razorback, or 10-man squad with Rhino
What Razorback is best?
How do you equip the squads?

What are your thoughts/comments?


Clive Jackson" 

This isn't an exact science - there are generally agreed upon better units but it's not always what the 'best' unit is but what's the best fit. Taking all the best units and putting them together isn't going to get you a good list. I will put down a quick opinion on what I thinkis best overall though but again, there are a lot which are close.

HQ - plain old Libby I'd agree with but Vulkan has to show his head here too. Belial, yes.

Elites - I'd simply say TH/SS for Marines here - Rifledreads are nice fire support and a solid choice but not outstanding unlike Psyfledreads. Dreads in general for Dark Angels.

Troops - Deathwing for Dark Angels and a full Tactical squad with Rhino for Marines - MSU without specials just doesn't cut it as bread and butter.

Fast Attack - Land Speeder in a variety of configurations - Missiles obviously best for DA.

Heavy Support - Predators, Dakka in general.

In general for both DA and SM - 10 man squad in Rhino as you actually get meaningful weapons. You also have the combat squad option so can still run 10 man + RBack. The 5-man in RBack has its place but you need the base 10-man to really build a good list around (though Deathwing trumps them all). 

Equipping depends upon the rest of the army. If 5-man in RBack, combi-weapon of some sort. 10-man base is flamer/MM/Rhino though if I want a double melta unit I'll run meltagun/combi-melta/missile and use combat squadding and may add a RBack since I'm not using the 10 capacity (but lose top hatch goodness).

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