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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Email in: Dark Eldar Baron Led List

"Hi Kirby,

Have spent the last year using a variation of your Blood Skies BA list
with pretty good success (so thanks) but have decided to start a Dark
Eldar army for s change.

I'm hoping for it to be pretty competitive but there are so many cool
models I'd like to use (I'm aware that it probably isn't possible tp use
them all) - the Baron, Incubi, Hellions, Beastmasters, Reavers and
Razorwing Jetfighter.

So without further ado (drum roll please) - 2k:

- Baron - 105.
- 2 Haemunculi - 100 (to go with the Incubi).
- 2x 5 Incubi in Raider with shock prow for 175 each.
- 3x 5 Warriors in Venom - 100 each.
- 12 Hellions - 192.
- 2x 3 Wracks in Raider.
- 2x 6 Reavers with 2 Heat Lances - 156 each.
- Beastmaster with 3 Masters, 4 Razorwing Flocks and 5 Khymerae - 156.
- 3x Raiders - 105 each.

Now this comes to 2010 points so my first question would be which to
drop - either a Khymera or a Hellion?

Following on from this, whilst I like the list, I can't help but feel
anti-tank needs to be improved - would it be better to drop a
Warrior/Venom squad (suppose I could drop a Wrack squad instead) and
give the remaining 2 warrior/venoms the baster/blast pistol combo? With
the 20 points left over what would be better - Flickerfields on the
Incubi Raiders/Upgrading the Venoms to have the 2nd Splinter cannon/Have
an extra Incubi/Simply replace the Khymera/Hellion lost from earlier?
The obviously drops the scoring units a bit bit would I still have

This should give 21 lance shots and still have a fair amount of

Still can't find the points for the Jetfighter but oh well.

I think the list should perform pretty well although that is a
ridiculous amount of kill points.

Any comments much appreciated.

Cheers Kirby (and keep up the good work - its helping alot of us).


Anti-tank is indeed an issue, 20+ lance shots is really the minimum you want at 2000 for Dark Eldar - the more the better obviously and you need to balance this between ranged and short-ranged firepower (i.e. Dark Lances vs Blasters). The list is a good basis but we need to get those extra shots in so I'd be looking to drop the Incubi squads in place of Trueborn with either three-four blasters or two Dark Lances and with spare points add Blasters to each Warrior squad. This also allows you to run only one Haemon and you could fit in the Razorwing with some spare points to shore up your anti-infantry since you're running a few more Raiders than usual.

Extra points can be dropped into more Hellion bodies, shock prows (you really want these tbh) and flickerfields. And make sure Venoms have the 2nd cannon - there's really no point in taking Venoms without out.

This does lose you the Incubi as models used but does net you the Razorwing in replacement. To use Incubi I really think you need to run all six of your Troops with anti-tank capacity + their transport to shore up for the lost anti-tank potential in Elites so dropping them gives the list a lot more options and versatility.

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