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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Email in: A little fun: making an eldar army with leftovers.

"Hello Kirby,

I'm a frequent reader of your blog. Good job! I've appreciated so much the tactical advices you give. I'm a 2nd edition player who is starting to play again now. I've got an Ork army which goes well (it seems the way of playing orks hasn't changed so much over time) :P, but back in the time I had a few Eldar miniatures which I have complemented with some miniatures from a friend who quitted long time ago. The things that worked on late 2nd/ early 3rd edition may not be the best in 5th, but I'm decided to try and would be very thankful if you were so kind of helping me. These are the forces I have for now:

The Avatar
3 Wraithlords
18 Banshees plus 2 exarchs (total 20)
7 Warp Spiders plus exarch (total 8)
6 Hawks plus exarch (total 7)
12 Scouts
20 Guardian Defenders (including two graw platforms)
16 Guardian (may be converted into Assault Guardians or into Avengers, though I would prefer the former)
10 Guardian Jetbikes (two of them with shuriken cannon)
1 Vyper
3 Reapers plus exarch (total 4)
Two Prisms and One Falcon (could be easily converted into Serpents or whatever)
1 Artillery Platform with crew

I know these are a bit outdated and that I lack Psykers, Bipods and, mostly, Dragons. But is it possible to make a passable list with what I have, or with few additions? If so, what would you suggest, and how would you play it? I play mostly against Grey Knights and Orks, in a friendly environment we play between 1000 and 2000 points.

Thank you so much in advance, and go on with your good work in your blog!


PD: please forgive any mistakes, as I'm not a native speaker (writing from spain, in the other end of the planet!). Hope I made me understandable!

Unfortunately, you don't have much there at all - the main lack is vehicles. Even with a Footdar list you're going to need to purchase extra options like Harlequins, Farseer, Wraithguard, etc. And only a few people are capable of actually making that list do anything other than suck.

In terms of making a half-way decent Mechdar list you have a good core - you'll just need some Serpents and Dragons. Prisms + Falcon = Heavy Support (5x Dire Avengers go into Falcon). Guardians can be converted as Storm Guardians for some fusion gun support in a pinch and you can use Asurmen + Fuegan as counts-as Autarchs (though grabbing a Farseer as well is going to go a long way). Add in a couple squads of Dragons and Serpents to carry the Dragons + Storm Guardians and you're set. So in reality not too many purchases - they are just the most expensive ones (Serpents).

Spare points can be thrown into smaller Dire Avenger squads with Serpents or run some Vypers in Fast Attack and the Rangers/Pathfinders can always be thrown in as cheap scoring options. There's an unfortunate amount of unused models (your Aspect Warriors) but they will hopefully be more relevant next time around.

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