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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exemplar Errant Color Scheme

I've been painting some Menoth lately and have been working on my Exempler Errants (and lamenting the fact they are not the new plastics!) but not sure on the color scheme. My Menoth are obviously a mix of yellow and orange and I've done the Warjack armor orange but the Temple Flameguard cloaks orange - Errants have both cloaks and armor so the question becomes, do I do the armor ornage and cloaks yellow like the Warjacks and keep the primary color as orange or do I reverse the scheme for infantry where cloaks are orange and armor is yellow? I'm leaning towards the former as I prefer the overall look of the orange color I've got going and it keeps the primary color throughout the army.

Now obviously these models aren't close to done :P, wanted to get some opinions as I'm finishing them up. I feel the leather parts get lost on the primary yellow model, the belt and strappings, etc. blend in with the yellow too much unless I lightened it up somewhat. The issue with that is we could head back to the OMG MY EYES THEY BURN Jack'o'lantern of the past... which we don't want to do. The detailing on the orange armor and yellow cloth is an easier combination to get done IMO but in the end, I like the look of both so, comments & thoughts appreciated =D.

*gets back to work on finishing them*

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