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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Menoth Bases - worn cobblestones

So I decided to get to work on my Menoth bases - I was tossing up between getting some resin inserts and doing my own and was looking at doing desert or lava based ones to go with the theme of the army and usual fluff of Menoth. In the end I went a different route - DIY cobblestones painted in an off-white color (i.e. sort of what you see in the Menoth book as what their cities look like - I'm thinking something like what Carthage might have looked like).

I think the color off-sets the strong paint scheme of the models nicely without taking anything away from them (something I felt the laval bases might have done). I've also just gone for simple 180 degree markings to represent back and front arcs for models - I had sweeping colors across the front before but that did take away from the models a bit.

Anyway, here are some pictures of bases done so far - Reckoner, Flameguard leader and Vindictus (not finished painting). Thoughts (and yes they are textured - I will be adding some static grass in a couple of places and perhaps some grit - thoughts on this :P?)?

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