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Friday, June 29, 2012

6th edition 40k - Better or Worse?

My brain is asleep so going to wait 24 hours until I put up the post about fliers - see if I can actually make sense =D (for once)! So discussion thread! and this is a question which won't be answered for a long time... but is 6th better or worse than 5th?

Pre-release it was pretty doom & gloom. There were a lot of bits we didn't like, and really still don't like (random charge length didn't magically become better for example) but the overall product is something I think we are all surprised to see. In short: it's not a Chernobyl. Will it become better than 5th edition? Who knows but a lot of the same concepts are going to find their way over as our mindsets transfer from one edition to the other. It's obviously hard to see the other side of the river when you're on the opposite bank, but this feels a lot like the changes from 3 to 3.5 to 4. Obvious but not a complete overhaul and I think that's what most of us were afraid of. 5th was good because it made that overhaul from 4th and we wanted that to evolve and change rather than get wiped clean again.

Perhaps a better question is - what are your initial reactions to 6th? What were they before we knew much other than the little tidbits? The chicken little stuff seems to have died down and now everyone's furiously trying to figure out if their armies need more purchases (*gulp*) - in short, have at it!

(and I'm working on getting those videos with voice commentary done, finally got them to stop jumping but they are about an hour long instead of 30 mins)

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