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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Games Workshop goes 'digital'...

Sorry is this 2000?

Games Workshop has apparently gone 'digital' and by that we mean they are releasing more stuff for you to buy from them that you really don't need. Yay for extra Space Marine content in an apple only product?

Going digital would actually involve Games Workshop involving itself in the online world - where the majority of people reside to at least some extent during their lives. It's nearly impossible not to these days yet Games Workshop still seems to refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Internet or that it could actually provide them with insight into their customer base. I'm sure many people will jump up and down over GW goodies for their apple product but really, woop de do. All GW has done is skipped the important part of the digital/IT world which if they paid attention to, might increase their viability as a company and tried to suck more money out of you. Color me unimpressed with a care factor of zero.

I particularly can't wait for the articles on "collecting guides and tactical guidance for making the most out of your miniatures collection on the painting table and the battlefield." and the utter fail the actual tactics will be. At least I'll get a laugh after someone posts it online and we can all read it.

Anyway, discuss, whine at GW, whine at me, whatever away. ^^

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