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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Article: The Sound of Machines - Guerrilla Hobbyist

We’d like welcome you to The Sound of Machines “Guerrilla Hobbyist” project funding campaign, please take a seat.

Straight to it: what is “Guerrilla Hobbyist”? Well, it’s planned to be both a DVD instructional and full colour, hardcover, painting tutorial book (comprising at least 144 pages) – both of which will be focussing on army building projects, many of which also include vehicles and monsters. We at The Sound of Machines see “Guerrilla Hobbyist” as aimed very much at those with some experience in the painting/modelling spheres, but who are also looking to try something new, expand their painting horizons or who are simply stuck in a painting rut and would like to find a way out. Utilising a wide range of products from many of the known brands (and some not so known), we plan to outline everything that goes into a new army project in high detail. Some of the topics covered will be:
  •  how to plan an attack on your hobby project
  • conversions
  • gore effects
  • successful use of washes and dry brushing
  • painting skin
  • finishing touches (you know, the ones that turn models from rank and file to stand outs)
These topics (and many others) will then be covered with step by step photographs and comprehensive footage, showing you exactly what you need to see, accompanied with text outlining the process so you can replicate the results yourself, army wide. Having been commission painters for several years, we’ve been fortunate enough to try out new products, test ideas and techniques and refine these over a huge variety of models and materials. “Guerrilla Hobbyist” is designed to capture those years of experience and turn it into useful, easy to reference advice to assist gamers/painters looking to develop their own hobby.

More and more, tournaments are looking to painting scores to aid in the final results, and we believe our team has the right set of skills to greatly assist players in improving their painting and, if they do attend tournaments, increase their overall performance just by following some simple, but effective ideas and also outlining what the right tools for each job are.

Who are The Sound of Machines?

Our team boasts over 28 years of hobby experience, over 33 fully painted and playable armies under our belts, plus over 9,000 commission models painted, we believe we are the right team to produce this instructional book and DVD.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain is to just to direct you all to our painting page:

I’d rather let the pictures and quantity of models speak for themselves.
The Perks:

We have intentionally offered a wide range of perk tiers, so that you can choose the one that best meets your specific needs and still be a part of our campaign. We’ve also tried to keep them reasonably different from each other so that each level of contribution offers its own benefits. If any further perk opportunities come to light during the campaign, we’ll add those too!

We at The Sound of Machines have set aside 12 months for the completion of these projects so, whilst it’s a long burning contribution that we’re asking you to make, we’d very much like to get it right. We want both the “Guerrilla Hobbyist” formats to prove invaluable to their intended audience – developing the general calibre of hobbyists who read/watch. We trust that your patience during production will be well rewarded upon completion of both the “Guerrilla Hobbyist” book and DVD. Rest assured, we will be keeping you all fully informed of the campaign’s progress and, should we be privileged enough to reach our goal, the progress of the production of both formats of “Guerrilla Hobbyist” will be widely documented through the usual channels.

Perk Details:


Unfortunately some wires were crossed and I was given an old set of Perks by the guys over at The Sound of Machines. Instead, follow the link where all the up to date perks are and for more details in general! Our apologies for any confusion!

- Dizco Yates

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