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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Armies Played Poll Analysis

Over the last week we've had a poll up on 3++ asking people what armies they play. The results are in with nearly 800 votes and 2100 armies selected. That's around 2.6 armies per individual who voted which is a bit lower than I expected but close enough (I expected around 3-4 armies). Not everyone is as crazy about plastic crack as Vince (who has all but Tau...).

Anyway, here's a formatted graph of the results:

And a shiny table with percentages:

Space Marines 211 26.91%
Tyranids 190 24.23%
Eldar 168 21.43%
Blood Angels 165 21.05%
Imperial Guard 157 20.03%
Chaos Space Marines 148 18.88%
Tau 136 17.35%
Necrons 134 17.09%
Orks 130 16.58%
Dark Eldar 129 16.45%
Grey Knights 126 16.07%
Space Wolves 124 15.82%
Dark Angels 87 11.10%
Chaos Daemons 69 8.80%
Sisters of Battle 48 6.12%
Black Templars 41 5.23%

No surprised with Space Marines being top or Tyranids being the top Xenos but it's a stark reminder of what armies people actually have and use socially compared to what armies people take to tournaments. Tournaments often see a more than 50% proportion of Marines lately and we're not even seeing something close to that. Some of the very popular tournament armies aren't even featured in the top 10 such as Grey Knights & Space Wolves.

Take from this what you will as there isn't many conclusions we can draw from this - a fun exercise to see what armies are the most popular among the 3++ readerbase though. Might do this every six months or so and see how things have changed.

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