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Monday, July 30, 2012

Discussion: What Next?

The discussion post seems to be turning into a Monday morning special it seems... Weekends work like that for me! I feel we've covered a lot of the basics and building blocks of what 6th edition is so far about. There's a ton more obviously (i.e. vehicle movement) but we've looked at a lot of the major new things, how this impacts things generally on the tabletop and how it impacts specific armies. We still have a few of those specific army posts to go but other than those, what do you want to see discussed next? We got several ideas from last week's discussion post in terms of what the discussion brought about in relation to 6th but anything more specific or that we've missed would be great.

We'll obviously be likely doing re-visiting articles for all the armies again a couples months into 6th edition to see how our initial analysis phared and keep everyone up to date on our experiences/opinions and I'm trying to get some bat-reps in but haven't had time to do pictures/report on them yet I'm afraid. Speaking of which, the 5th edition Tyranid battle reports from last weekend's tournament - do you want the battle reports or not =D? I'll likely do them anyway but I'll either post them here or in the forums. Up to the masses there.

Anyway, hit us up with what you want over the coming days and we'll try to get something in the pipeline.

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