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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Forgeworld in?

The rumor mill never rests...and it looks like the latest rumors put some FAQs/erratas out in the near future to make Forgeworld 'mainstream' 40k. This is basically to remove the 'with opponent's permission' clause and bring extra releases into the tabletop realm we play.

How this is done is key. If Forgeworld is actually balanced appropriately and rather than becoming the area for crazy experimental designs, this could work. Things like specific campaign armies, extra units or armies entirely, etc. would all be welcome changes. Dread Mob Orks, Eldar Corsairs, extra Tau units, etc. are all lovely examples of this.

Then there's the stupid stuff. We can imagine a quick FAQ/nerf bat to that but what about the Achillies? Titans? Super-heavies? Super-heavy fliers? Are these going to be canon as well? D-weapons? If these are kept I imagine Forgeworld for tournament purposes will be kept the same or perhaps with some modifications (i.e. no super-heavies, titans, etc.) - you'll just see more of this in your casual gaming scene.

If this is Games Workshop's attempt to bring extra balance to 6th edition (i.e. re fliers), could work. May not work. We shall see, though I'd rather they take what they had and balanced it there and then tried to introduce extra things. But that's me :P.

Thoughts? Opinions? Written abuse?

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