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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Space Wolves in 6th: The New Fur-izon

I just wanted an excuse to use that picture.

So, uh, what are we talking about?  Space Wolves?  Whatever.

Space Wolves took quite a few changes in 6th and not all of them good.  While the core of the army is the same (Grey Hunter good, Blood Claw bad) you have a lot of neat new options from rules changes and allies.  Let's talk about the biggest changes.

Ok, we get it, flyers are a thing now.  Wolves can struggle against flyers thanks to an overall lack in twin-linked weaponry.  All those missiles aren't so hot when they're hitting on 6s.  Riflemen and Razorbacks remain solid options, and you can always just throw out 30 missiles and pray for hits.  Look to allies and fortifications to fill this big gap.

Wolves have a very efficient Troops unit in Grey Hunters, as well as the usual cheap support and tricked out characters.  Anti-flyer is a big gap to fill, so check out other marines (particularly those with flyers of their own) as well as Imperial Guard to shore up your AA.  Wolves also struggle with shutting down dedicated CC units, their own counters (Thunderwolf Cavalry, Hammernators and Characters) all cost a pretty penny. You can always try and drown somebody in Grey Hunters, but it's nice to bring something more suited to the task.  If considering SW allies for other armies, bear in mind that their HQs are 2-for-1 and the desirable SW units (GH, LF, RP) are dirt cheap.

Double FOC
6 Long Fangs, 6 Lone Wolves and 8 Rune Priests.  So OP!  Obviously, you can't fit this into a legal army, but doubling the FOC does give you a lot of potential for scary things.

Wolves didn't lose much here.  They almost exclusively fielded cheap transports and gun tanks, so the only real change is the loss of suppression and increased risk in being transported.

Hot diggity daffodil, Rune Priests got better.  Runic Weapons are the 2nd best psychic defense, Njal arguably unseats Runes of Warding as #1.  Divination magic is incredibly useful, especially for getting re-rolls to hit against flyers.  All in all, keep using these jerks.

Wolf Guard get to play catch with wounds, so that's always fun.  Wolves are incredibly good in challenges thanks to Sagas and lots of cool toys.  Enjoy fighting off the Thunderwolf Lord with hammer, shield, bling and Saga of the Bear.

Man, those TWC are looking pretty damn nice.

Wolf Scouts still work as suicide melta I guess.  Re-roll from Acute Senses is pretty cool too.

Random Fun Bits
-Take a Wolf Priest with Saga of the Hunter.  Attach him to any unit or ally and suddenly they are Fearless with Outflanking, Stealth and Acute Senses.  Awesome.
-Wolf Standards re-roll all 1's, which include charge range, overwatch and any other crazy thing you can think of.
-Long Fangs can split fire without taking a Ld test.  Tau got their split fire removed.  Suck it, Tau.

Overall, Wolves are pretty much in the same spot.  Good number of builds based around a handful of solid units.  Once you get the flyer problem sorted, you'll be back in business.

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