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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Army Ally Plug-ins & Templates

With our recent metatransition posts and the way Allies work, we've been putting out some army list templates rather than exact army lists. Exact army lists have still been and will still be listed and discussed but with the inclusion of Allies, there are so many more potential options around an army core that a template with space for Allies can cut down on the space we need to use. Each of the metatransition posts has been looking at this so far and I'm sure many will in the future as well. However, and I've had some e-mails about this, we often discuss Allies as though there are pre-set templates for them as well. Deathwing, Necron Flyerwing, etc.

In that regard, would you like posts dedicated to such inclusions within armies as well linked within the army list section? i.e. a post on Necron Flyerwing explaining the base concept and what additional options there are around it and what it provides to an army to make it a good Ally selection, etc.

Or would you prefer these become forum posts & the like? Or nothing at all!

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