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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back-to-Basics: 6th edition 40k Acronyms

A lot of assumed knowledge comes with Acronyms and I try as often as I can to spell those out in individual posts. I regularly fail at this though ^^. So, what I want to try and do is put together a post we can use as a reference for such which is easily accessible for newer players. I can't think of everything though so I'll get us started and then if individuals could help in the comments and I'll update the post regularly, that would be fantastic.

ATSKNF = And They Shall Know No Fear
AV = Armor Value
BRB/BYB = Big Rule/Yellow Book
Dakka/Torrent = lots of shots
FC = Furious Charge
FNP = Feel No Pain
FMC = Flying Monstrous Creature
HP = Hull Points
IWND = It Will Not Die
LoS = Line of Sight
LoS! = Look out Sir!
MC = Monstrous Creature
RCL = Random Charge Length
RGL = Random Game Length
TLoS = True Line of Sight
WAAC = Win At All Cost
WYISWYG = What You See Is What You Get

(BT) Black Templars -

(BA) Blood Angels -

SG = Sanguinary Guard or Sternguard

Chaos Daemons -

Flying Circus = army based upon lots of Flying Monstrous Creatures

(CSM) Chaos Space Marines - 

(DA) Dark Angels -

(DE) Dark Eldar -

Eldar -

(GK) Grey Knights -

(IG) Imperial Guard -

Orks -

KFF = Kustom Force Field

(SoB) Sisters of Battle -

(SM) Space Marines -
TH/SS = Thunderhammer/Stormshield Terminators

(SW) Space Wolves -
TWC = Thunderwolf Cavalry

Tyranids -

Tau -

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