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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blood Skies for 6th edition


Blood Skies was a Jumper divergent list in 5th edition which used Land Speeders to create saturation for Stormravens who would add fire support to a large body of Assault Marines. Furioso Dreads were used to increase killing capacity of certain units. This core concept transfers very well to 6th edition with Dreadnoughts getting a boost in terms of assaults (care little for overwatch and thus can take advantage of RCL), Stormravens become flyers and ASM stay roughly the same with gains and losses in multiple departments as discussed here. Let's look a list construct then.


4x10x Assault Marines w/double meltagun, Powerfist
2x Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack, Power Weapon/Lightning Claw
2x Stormravens
2x Furioso Dreadnoughts

1770 points

Room for a bit of trim to add Mephiston who would really need to go in a Stormraven to avoid being shot to death or a Librarian plus some more assault Marines. 40 ASM is the minimum you're really looking at for scoring purposes so you don't want to drop below that.

Mass ASM really have two issues - deathstars, ranged warfare and flyers. The Ravens + Dreads help with that by bringing ranged firepower (not much, but some), anti-flyer through flyers themselves and anti-death star with high strength shooting and mass S10 in combat. The Dreadnoughts aren't immediate band-aids though as they have to be dropped by the Ravens (Turn 2 earliest) and can then assault the turn after or the Ravens need to hover the turn you want the Dreads to hop off and assault. Keep in mind both options and which might be best (deploying on the board works, too). Mephiston isn't going to help that much against deathstars as they are generally his achilles heel but he's a great beatstick and can be terribly frustrating to deal with for opponents.

There are several options around this of course with the main core really being the Priests, ASM and Stormravens - Dreads optional. Adding in some Death Company & Death Company Dreadnoughts can put more infantry on the table and combat power whilst upgrading the Furiosos in some departments (Fleet, +2A on charge, immunity to stunned but no AV13). Sanguinary Guard can be used a lot more due to their 2+ armor save getting a boost but are still essentially beater units and die to Termies. Vanguard Vets still have their place as do Honor Guard but with points going into Stormravens they aren't as necessary - they are bringing that extra firepower though VV being able to assault from the drop are nice. A third Stormraven isn't a bad idea either but Land Speeders probably aren't as important as before - Stormravens being flyers means saturation isn't as needed.

Anyway, discuss.

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