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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Article: The NOVA Cometh - A True Wargaming CONVENTION, Not Just a Tournament - Prep Guide and Excitement

MVB would like to do a shameless self plug on NOVA. And if you want 3++ tee's for NOVA - there's some currently up though the full release will happen when site is re-done (soon...I hope).

Well, the NOVA Open is 2 weeks away. Skip the next few paragraphs if you don't enjoy the idea of memory lane with me, and go down to the enumerated paragraphs.

In 14 days the staff and I will be waking up bright and early, and making our way to storage, where we'll meet the movers and transport an entire Wargaming Convention from a 20x10 climate controlled box over to the 30,000+ square feet of event space we're using at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City. This includes thousands of pieces of terrain, over 225 wargaming boards, and an equal number of sideboards (yup, everyone this year will have a sideboard, no matter what event they play in, to put their minis/dice/etc. on!).

It's amazing how much you can fit in a small space when you try ...

So, I did an interview over on the Independent Characters podcast the other day ... check it out here ... and it got me thinking about the NOVA in general and how far we've come the past few years thanks to the help of our staff.

The very first event we ran was back in 2009, with 32 people playing on park benches at an outdoor tournament. We raised a few bucks for Breast Cancer, and had a great time. In 2010, we hosted the first eponymous NOVA Open, and 128 people showed up. Last year, 450 or so people registered, and 400 of them showed up despite a Hurriquake (a Virginia earthquake and a Hurricane on the same week).

As we get ready for 2012, we've shattered another peak number, anticipating 500-550 total attendees.

What's cool about all this, however, is what we've become - not just the increase in people walking through our halls. We were at first just a 40k tournament, with a simple book-rolled format. We innovated and grew a year later, and now use a format used all over the world for 40k and referred to as "NOVA" style. Way cool, but ... we ALSO became more than a 40k tournament. In our past 2 years, we became a multi-event tournament ... heck we even picked up a few vendors and a ton of great sponsors.

What makes 2012 different, and so much more, is that we are now a CONVENTION. 10 Vendors; our own shop of limited and interesting stuff; a legitimate independent painting competition; 13 hobby seminars; open gaming galore; demos; amazing sponsorship; and more different games than ever before.

My reverie over, let's hit up the key points for this post. THIS IS THE PART YOU SHOULD READ IF YOU'RE ATTENDING!

1) Have you reserved your hotel room? Don't tell me yes if it ain't true! Some people forgot, and almost got screwed when the initial block restriction closed a couple days ago. We got them to open it, but only for SIX MORE DAYS. Click here, reserve your rooms. We've cleared our minimums by a LOT this year - more than last year by far; we'll be fine. You won't be if you get stuck paying way more than the ridiculously low $85 rate they've given us.

2) Have you signed up for something BESIDES the 40k GT, Fantasy GT, Flames of War GT, Infinity Tournament, or main Warmachine event? What am I talking about? Well, all of the following can be done along with one of those (or more than one). Use this schedule to help understand.

And for all of those of you who can't make it ... and want to follow along, well ... add this to yer followage:

3++ should also be posting the round results as they happen!

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