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Monday, August 6, 2012

NOVA Reporting...

We are less than a month from NOVA and I have been busy painting my completely reworked army list. I will be taking part in the 40k GT once again (hopefully with better success), but the more relaxed schedule this year should allow me more free time to wander around, chat, and take pictures of everything in sight.

Last year I attempted to do round-by-round updates and battle reports, but the poor Wi-Fi and grueling schedule made that impossible. This year the gaming area is supposed to have Wi-Fi so I would like to take another shot at it, with a twist. My laptop died on me so posting updates to the 3++ website is out, so I am going to take my reporting to Twitter (@GrampsAtNova). This is a brand new account I am creating just for NOVA, so you can be the first to follow me!

What can you expect me to tweet?
- Pictures of things I find interesting (people, venue, terrain, etc)
- Round by round win/loss record updates of blog authors
- Whatever you want – if there is something you want to know or see a picture of at the event, send me a tweet and I will try to accommodate
- For anyone that goes to the event and wants to find me to say hi, they can simply send me a tweet
- Live battle reports of my games with pictures and general strategy where appropriate. I will aim for a 140 character summary of each player turn. So you can follow along and root for or against me. And feel free to comment/criticize as I go!

Of course, in addition to any live reporting I will be stealing my wife's camera for the weekend to take pictures of as many armies as possible, as well as general photos from the entire weekend. I will also try to get some pictures of any paint competition entries. I will link to these in a Nova recap post a few days after the event.

So, what else would you all like to see from me at the event? Let me know.

Now, start following me on twitter!

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