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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The 40K Australasian Team Challenge – Sept 1st 2nd

The Australasian Team Challenge (ATC) will be held in Melbourne this coming weekend. Seven states of Australia and the nation of New Zealand will be battling for supremacy at this event. Inspired by the European Team Challenge, this is one of the largest events in the Southern Hemisphere, and we are extremely pleased to welcome the new contenders from Tasmania (home of the Devils) and New Zealand (home of the Hobbits [and kiwis]).

While still smaller than the European equivalent, the ATC is well on it’s way to fulfilling the goal the organisers gset when they stated that, “Ultimately, what the event is about is introducing a new style of event to the Australian gaming scene and to try and encourage a large amount of people from various states to travel and meet each other and help promote interstate rivalries / friendships”

The format is similar to the ETC, with teams of 8 players restricted to only using each codex once, which helps ensure a decent spread of armies and creates a tense matchup process as Captains alternate in pitting armies against one another.

And speaking of a spread of armies, the venue this year is the Abbotsford Convent, which was enough to inspire at least one player to bring a Sisters of Battle army to the event. May the Blessings of our Lady of the Immaculate Bolter bring him victory despite the odds!

The Contenders:

New South Wales – Including Kirby (Blood Angels)

Western Australia – Including Matt-Shadowlord (Imperial Guard)

Queensland - Reigning Champs

South Australia


Australian Capital Territory

New Zealand


The Armies that made the cut - if you ever needed more proof of just how much a gain Necrons made with their new book.

8 Blood Angels
8 Grey Knights
8 Imperial Guard
8 Space Wolf
7 Necrons

6 Dark Eldar
4 Orks
3 Dark Angels
3 Chaos Space Marines
3 Space Marine
2 Nids
1 Black Templars
1 Eldar
1 Sisters of battle
1 Tau
0 Chaos Daemons

With several of 3++’s authors & regulars going along for the ride, you can expect to see some coverage, photos and battle reports. Good luck to everyone who is going, especially the new teams and players. But not Matt in the only game that counts on the weekend - our 6th edition one!

Feel free to cheer for your favourite state - and if you don't yet have one, it's Western Australia.

P.S. Here’s a sneak preview of the end of a practice-battle I played which shows just how bad an idea it is to mix rules. The BA rhino is on top of an objective, which my men have decided to charge into to claim. They had no reason at all to leave their nice safe chimeras under these rules, and their grenades were rubbish against the fast moving rhino, leaving it looking like I have definitely been infected by the 6th Edition cinematic-bug.

I got away with it in this game, but if I try forge narratives like this on the coming weekend I am totally screwed.

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