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Friday, August 17, 2012

Vinsanity Painting Cygnar Commission Done!

Heya pinkies. Finished some Cygnar, quite happy with them. I'm always available for commissions, just shoot me an email. Leave some comments if you like/dislike or what to know how I painted them :D Siege 'I pity the fool who tries to assault my foxhole' Brisbane

Victoria 'My epic version is broken' Haley

Black 13th (all 4pts of awesomeness)

Gorman 'I'm immune to Ravagore damage' Di Wulfe and Anastasia 'I control your dudes with eHaley' Di Bray

Gun Mage Solo, Squire and Rookie (Journeyman)

Stormclad "I SHOCK you!"



Angry Rhulic Dwarves (Forgeguard)

Thanks for looking!

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