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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm holding in my hand some of the 'new' Citadel finecast miniatures, and they're just as meh as expected.
They're basically the exact same metal models we all loved to hate, but in a lighter, brittler material.

As you can all clearly see, the 'hip' thing is collectible clamshell packaging, much like what certain other companies do.

"So what're the models like?" Complete clones of the metals they're replacing, but on little sprues. If you've ever bought a forgeworld kit, you know the deal.
Lots of flash, lots of 'bonus' resin, sometimes tiny bubbles, the worst smell ever, and sprues that aren't always fully formed (the sprue itself, not the components on it).

That's all expected, however. What's not expected is the lack of mould release. Yes, you can actually handle finecast without scrubbing. Likely, GW got some very cheap labor to pre-scrub before boxing.

Lord DRAIGO, master of manliness.
Sprue, base, loose arm. No release agent, same funky smell as other resin, flash everywhere, and in general, greatly beyond forgeworld's capabilities. Hmm, it's almost like GW took a hint from privateer press, but used their far superior and larger operation to improve on things.
After some cutting and filing, I can conclude that this is absolutely nothing like the junk forgeworld uses (won't create tons of lethal dust), but you should still sit in a ventilated area when you work with it. Quality-wise, it's closer to warmahordes resin, but not as fragile.

As for details, and the claim that this magical resin holds them better. Eh, it's the same thing you bought in metal. Virtually identical, if not identical for real. New moulds might eventually be better, but old metals cast in resin aren't gonna look any worse or better than their heavier counterparts, as the pics above prove.

Main drawback: if you drop a metal model, the paint chips. You drop a resin model, it's gonna shatter or snap.

That's really all there's to it. Oh, and the insane price.

Edit: judging from the mass return of bad casts, the Draigo above is more an exception than the norm. Large majority of models are nowhere near this uhmmm, 'completely' cast, and even my Draigo had excessive flash all over, as you can clearly see.

If I had to pick, I'd go ebay for a metal version of whatever model you're looking for. This 'new and awesome' resin ranges from meh to terrible.

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