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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Event Horizon Wrap-up

Day is over and I’m quickly posting via phone before heading home. No I didn’t win. I lost to footdar :O by 100ish VP (seriously. I beat the good armies and lose to the less competitive ones…go figure) in Game 4 so I was knocked out pretty early. Funnily enough, he went on to win the tournament. Won Games 5 & 6 (WH/IG and Daemons) to finish 4-2, 5th in battle and 11th overall (having a roughly 50% paint score will do that but I knew that heading in).

Game lost to Footdar wasn’t a stupid mistake like Game 3 (seriously, was I on drugs?) and dice were pretty poor on both sides. It did come down to some very close rolls in the last turn though such as Yriel exploding a tank with his spear, my Strike squad which had been in combat for 6-7 phases not being able to kill an Avenger, Banshees making it into combat with that same squad, etc. Was a great game though (except for that Strike squad :P) and Michael played really well.

Vince went 2-4 and got 1st painted (7th overall) though apparently it was very close. Kyle ended up 3-3, Jason C went 3-3 I think? and Ben (Rawrtime) finished 4-2.

Overall it was a great tournament and Dennis deserves some massive props (but fester, your program has issues it seems :O. Like putting me on the same table. Again) and I hope more tournaments like this pop up. I think I played the army too aggressively with the last game really highlighting what I should have attempted to do more against the Footdar (i.e. keep at 24” for as long as possible then move forward).

Will put batreps, etc. up later and hopefully Dennis will allow me to post the data for mining purposes here =D. Had a great time and now it’s time for some food!

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