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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The "Impossible" List

This made me laugh. As if it hasn't been established for a long time that balanced lists do not get trumped by hammer lists (which this list is). Not only that but it's a hammer list which sucks against a fair amount of lists. At least back those termies up or take 5 LRs and forget Shrike. Kudos to the warseer community (holy shit did Ijust say that?) for actually jumping up and down on this and beating it into the ground again and again although I doubt they are upset over the fact that it's not a balanced list and rather that their own uber lists can't (edit: er I meant can lol) beat it.

2 pinkments:

Vinsanity said...

It isn't impossible to beat obviously but it's tough for some armies with higher str, lower ap weapons and not mass firepower. To really be able to fully smack this list up, one would have to taylor ones army which u couldn't really do in tourney play. It's one of those one tricky pony lists where it will either win by lots or lose by lots. Overall, not a overly fun game I'd say but it would be challenging. Vince out.

Kirby said...

Except this list cannot beat a mech or hybrid list because it lacks anti-mech (a couple of MLs + THs =/= anti-mech) and at best can move as fast as mech. It cannot beat a horde list because it has no torrent and TH/SS termies don't like lots of wounds. It cannot touch AV14 at all so even silly Necrons that bring multiple Liths laugh at this list. All it really owns is infantry gunlines (which suck and aren't balanced all-comers lists anyways) and MC lists (though MC lists generally excel at anti-infantry).

It's not an auto-win, no game is but well-built armies are generally going to have instant advantages before the game begins inherent in their lists. Fleet is great but it doesn't compete for mech speed. TH/SS are great but they aren't auto-game winners. Like a Nob Biker list this can do a lot of damage in combat but is easy to block and sac units to and has less ranged firepower and worse scoring ability. And we all know now Nob BIkers aren't as elite as people still claim them to be.

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