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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Suns @ Blazers

Another come from behind victory for the Blazers at home, this time over the much better team of the Phoenix Suns to move into 5th in the West. It was another solid 2nd half performance (something I think has been missing by the Blazers of late) with lots of positives and negatives again.

Bayless came through again. After getting valuable time in the close game over the Kings Bayless again came through big with 29 minutes of play after Miller went to the locker room when he was hit in the head. Posting a career high in points, he and Roy were able to carry a stagnant Portland offense as their defense stepped up in the last 15 minutes. Webster had one of his few good games with some excellent rebounding and layups (I would much rather see him drive & dunk or lay up than shoot a contested three; if he's wide open, go for it but otherwise pump fake and drive). He did pump fake once which I was happy to see but then he traveled >.<. It was also nice to see Steve Blake hit a few shots and create on the offensive end but I think I'm much fonder of Miller starting and Bayless as the backup.

On the whole Portland played a lack luster game and were lucky to come away with it. They showed great hustle towards the end of the game and looked like they wanted it more(Webster's rebounds, Aldridge into the stands for a loose ball, Roy onto the floor for a rebound, etc.) but Phoenix didn't play as well as they had in the 2nd half. If the Blazers want to come away with some big wins on the road trip they need to play basketball for 48 minutes on both ends.

Won't be able to see tomorrows game but best of luck to the Blazers!

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