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Monday, February 15, 2010

Answer to Rathstar

Rathstar raised a few questions here that I thought I'd answer more publicly as I think I glazed over these in my analysis.

Q1: What's you opinion on drones for crisis suits ? I like adding gun drones to crisis suits for extra survivability. With use of cover they have the 4+ cover save to offset the invunverable save of the shield drone, and with only 2 gun drones in the unit they don't lower the overall unit toughness.

Honestly, low. You're already paying just under 200pts for the unit and whilst this is a good buy Drones are simply too expensive for what they give you which is not much. Whilst they give ablative wounds to the squad the main weapons shooting at the Suits are generally S8+ blasts/barrages which the Drone(s) aren't really going to help much against. They also make the units footprint bigger and you need to take at least 2 to make an effect on Ld tests. I think there are a lot better places for thoes points elsewhere in the Tau army. And shield drones are useful on Broadsides because they get their 2+, generally can't get LoS blocked (Crisis can JSJ) and are therefore generally shot at more.

Q2: I'm surprised you immediately right off burst cannons on crisis suits.

The rest of Rathstars comment in relation to Q2 can be found in the above link but I'll answer his concerns here. The first problem with burst cannons is they are the staple of the Tau army. Tau already have a lot of S5 firepower so do we really want more? It certainly makes for a cheaper build but I'd rather less fireknives overall than more suits with MP/BC. The MP/BC is geared towards anti-infantry but doesn't do it that much better than a MP/PR suit whilst the MP/PR suit is much better at those lower AV ranges.

It's true that to get full effectiveness out of the MP/PR you have to get closer than the MP/BC or TL-MP suit but the MP/PR suit can be firing well from T1 and the MP/BC has to be within a closer range for a longer portion of the game. In an "damage dealth per point" the MP/BC will most likely win out more often than not (I think its the same with Vanguard against TH/SS termies but do we see Vanguard often?) but the MP/PR is so much more effective with MLs and more reliable at taking out those low AV tanks.

I don't really think MP/BC are a bad choice at lower points (NB: I don't play below 1500) but once you hit 1750+ 3x3 MP/PR gives the Tau army needed punch from 18"+ against both infantry and vehicles. Also (this applies for all suits), make sure you Kroot screen your Suits and have vehicles around (or BLoS terrain) to jump behind. This makes charging and rapid firing in reprisal a lot more difficult.

Thanks for the questions Rathstar.

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