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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1500 Eldar vs IG

I took my Eldar over to Vince's today to have a game. Stopped taking pics midway through as it degenerated into "can Kirby use his Prisms to kill enough of Vince's platoons to win?". We played 1500 because I didn't want the game to take ages (still did, thanks Vince for being awake @ 1pm! :P).

Here's a summary of lists:

Seer w/Guide Fortune
2xDragons in Serpents
2xDA in BL Serpents
5xDA in Gunboat Falcon
2x Prisms

Command in Chim
Platoon Command in Chim
5x Platoons w/AC
2x Vets w/metlas in Chima
2x LRBT w/HB

This is another perfect example of why autocannons (and rate of fire) are so great in 5th. Vince rolled really well to hit and pen with his autocannons for the first half of the game (add in my inabilty to make even 25% of my cover saves) and on the first turn was able to shake or stun all but 3 of my tanks (his rolls on the vehicle damage chart were terrible). This made my turn 1 reprisal pretty bad. Following up with his amazing 2nd turn (he blew up all 4 Serpents) it really did become a scrambling game for me.

For the later half of the game Vince was unable to damage my Prisms (oddly enough seeings as they are the weakest tanks I had), blew up my Vyper and tried to get traction in midfield whilst I tried to minimise damage and take out as many of his troops as possible (one of my dragon squads got all the way across the board to blow up an LRBT in combat! woo). As it fell to turn 6 Vince got a damned lucky shot on my Prism and blew it up which forced me into a draw situation which I was luckily able to maintain.

Overall it was a bit of a tedious game seeing as I had so little to do and someone took long turns (hi vince! :P) but was enjoyable to see how Vince reacted to having essentially complete board control but not being able to capitalise on it which allowed me to crawl back into the game.

GG vince.

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