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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blazers trade for Camby

Well the most exciting thing for me today was the Blazer trade. Full story can be found here. Earlier in the season I would of preferred Webster to be traded over Outlaw as Outlaw was a bit more proven to me and could slide down and play the 4 position. However, I think Camby is an exellent pick-up. Certainly an improvement on defense and with Webster's overall improved play on both ends of the court I'm happy with him staying on the court.

The lose of Steve Blake isn't big but it means Portland is sticking with Miller which I like. Miller and BRoy need to figure each other out though so the starting lineup is still evil scarey like. This move also leaves Portland without the problem of having too many players deserving playing time (now having 2 at each position + the rookies who won't see as much time next year).

This trade has me very excited for next year but hopefully the Blazers can make a push in the later half of the season!

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Anonymous said...

They can and will hopefully get somewhere. I mean the Blazers still have lots of games to hustle up and show us what they're made of, and the next games will definitely evaluate Camby and determine whether he can improve the blazers' performance or not!

Kirby said...

A really good game for the Blazers and what I think they should be playing for the rest of the year. It was nice to see Patty get his first NBA points and see Roy come out and aplay a bit.

Webster, Miller, Aldridge and Rudy all had good games and when the Blazers play like that Roy doesn't have to go out and score 25+ points. Fingers crossed for a good close out to the season!

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