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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Email in: 1500 tau

My first email request! exciting

Crisis Commander - Shas'El - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi-Tracker - 87

Crisis Team - Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 62

Crisis Team - 2 Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 124

Crisis Team - 2 Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 124

Fire Warrior Team - 6 Shas'La - 60

Kroot Carnivore Squad - 10 Kroot, 3 Kroot Hounds - 88

Kroot Carnivore Squad - 10 Kroot, 3 Kroot Hounds - 88

Pathfinder Team - 216
Pathfinders - 8 Shas'La
Devilfish - Smart Missile System, Disruption Pods, Targetting
Arrays, Multi-Trackers

Piranha Team - 2 Piranhas, Fusion Blasters, Targetting Arrays - 140

Hammerhead - Railgun, Burst cannons, Disruption Pods, Multi-Trackers - 160

Hammerhead - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pods, Multi-Trackers - 160

Broadside Battlesuit Team - 2 Shas'ui, ASS, Team Leader w/Hard-Wired
Target Lock, Hard-Wired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones - 195


Luckily I know Kyle so I actually know what he's asking... he's been using my articles and advice to expand his Tau army and this is what he's come up with and would like some help trimming it down.

First off, a very good start. Very similar to a lot of competitive hybrid lists you'll see out there but we need to trim some points for it to be legal. We also should also try and get a target lock on the Commander and perhaps condense those Hounds into one squad (so we need another Hound) which means we have to shave 15 points which doesn't seem feasible. So since you've got a single suit we'll just add the commander in their and not worry about the target lock though this gives you a little less flexibility in regards to PF and Broadside support.

So we still need to shave off 10 pts so we'll take off a Pathfinder. Remember we've condensed the Kroot Hounds as well so we now have a pack of 10 Kroot and 10 Kroot + 7 hounds.

Thoughts Kyle/Wolf's Lunch?

1 pinkments:

Rathstar said...


Looks like a very tuned list, however there's 10 more pts to shave as the Hammerheads are 165 pts :( My only suggestion is to lose another pathfinder.

I really like the idea of changing the kroot, much better to have one cheap unit to stop assaults on other units, and another to either couter attack or outflank.

One idea I'd like to throw out is to downgrade the devilfish to have just disruption pts, a hefty 35 pt saving. I used devilfishs upgraded like yours for quite a while, but came to the conclusion that I could get more firepower from spending the extra pts on more crisis suits, especially when the devilfish is ferrying the fire warriors to an objective or wanted to more 12" to make assault against it harder.

The drones on the devilfish are annoying in kill point missions, but it's unlikely to be game breaking, and I like the annoyance gun drones can create in the other two missions, with a threat range of 22-27" movement in a single turn* which then forces the enemy to kill gun drones which are contesting an objective.

How do you get another crisis suit for 35 pts ? My idea, maybe not liked by all is:
Change the single crisis suit to 2 crisis suits with MP/BC, and change the commander (who joins them) to MP/CIB. 33 extra pts on crisis suits/commander.

If the pts were spare I'd just recommend more MP/PR, but I think the extra pts in elites is better than extra pts on the devilfish.


* Move the devilfish 12", dismount from anywhere on the hull (GW FAQ), front of the drone base 3" from the devilfish, run, and move in the assault phase; 12+3+D6+6 = 22-27"

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