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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mech Training in relation to Ork Mech

Here is a simple 'training.' You can make this longer or simply do it with two, etc.

The first Rhino pops smoke and the other Rhinos get 3+ covers in the front arc or a 4+ at worst for the one on the right. The pred in the back also gets a 3+ cover in its front arc and can still fire its top gun whilst the Dread will get a 4+ cover and can still see. You then need to use board edges, terrain and rotate such a formation to get cover across all facings. When the front Rhino is destroyed it will still be able to provide cover through the Marines or by actually being a wreck. Ork Trukks shoot off the wazoo (Tau PF allow them to take out the first tank reliably and put a lot of hurt on the infantry and still give clear LoS to the next vehicles).

This is where fast armies like DE and Eldar have advantages because they make getting cover on the sides harder (you can rotate the Rhinos more to minimise the arc of 3+ cover but make getting into your side arc harder, etc.).

You can also use a bigger tank like a Land Raider to provide even better more reliable cover to small tanks like Rhinos. In this example as well Land Speeders can be used in place of smoke on the first turn as they move fast anyways or to protect flanks. Armies like Imperial Guard and Witchunters who's commonly seen transports have guns on the top (i.e. Immolators & Chimers/Russes) can move in such a formation with continuous cover saves whilst still firing.

Again Orks can't. The minute that first Trukk is gone, it's gone and if your KFF Mek has been blocked or neutralised you're going through terrain at some point or out in the open. And armies like Marines/IG/Sisters are happy in midfield if they do have to go through terrain, Orks aren't. They are happy in combat against crappy combat units. Stranded in midfield is really bad for Orks and manageable for other armies.

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Anonymous said...

You should reread the vehicle cover rules. Since the pred's turret can be seen it won't get a 3+ save (Stelek is wrong about that part of the front facing thing, so don't just copy his opinion :P ). 4+ still good enough though.

That aside, good thing that you explained that stuff. Hope that people will read and apply this to their games and tactics.

Nice blog btw.

Kirby said...

Pardon me it does say turrent on pg60 and here I was always thinking it only said hull. Woops!

Thanks for pointing it out and glad you like the blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I spin my turret to fire to the side, and you can't see the facing it's in do I get a 3+ save? Turrets aren't defined as part of the hull except by player interpretation, so what's the facing rule for turrets? Playing the turret as part of the hull, when it's not in the rules? How does that work? Why does it work the way you say it does? What about a Sponson sticking out the side from behind another Land Raider, does that count? What's the difference?

MasterSlowPoke said...

I don't think I understand what you're asking.

Kirby said...

Read p60 of the BRB Anon. It says the turrent is part of the hull, hence the above comments.

The_King_Elessar said...

*Stop spelling Turret wrong!*

Also, the Dread cannot see. Vehicles 'see' from weapon barrels. Dreadnoughts are Vehicles.

Kirby said...

But it's fun TKE :(

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