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Thursday, March 4, 2010

BoLS ****s up again

I really hate to do it but I'm going to quote a few things from their most recent "tactica."

I see the pointy eared space elves getting a lot of negative press these days. The general consensus on the net is that the Eldar are not the heavy hitters that they once were and that they are now relegated to playing defensively for objective grabs and pulling tricks out of their hat to have any hope of winning.

The press is wrong. Eldar are good when you play to win and not contest.

Falcons are no longer unstoppable juggernauts and Harlequins, while still amazing assault units, are no longer able to rip through an army like a buzz saw.

Falcons are more survivable in 5th against non-AP1 weapons, they just can't move 12" and fire everything any more *tear.*

If you decide to go foot Eldar which is a very potent option in 5th, your best bet is to go with Guardians, Dire Avengers and Rangers as your troops choices.

Let's repeat that.

If you decide to go foot Eldar which is a very potent option in 5th, your best bet is to go with Guardians, Dire Avengers and Rangers as your troops choices.

Eldar on foot are not good. Foot is not good unless you have a codex that can pull it off in 5th (Tyranids or SW) who are a) fast b) can shoot down tanks c) tough. Eldar on foot are not fast, can barely shoot down tanks and are certainly not tough.

A foot Eldar list needs two things to really be viable: the Avatar and a Farseer (Eldrad is really the clear choice here).

Two things. One be called mech. Two mech up.

When combined with the guardians, this means you can put out 120 Shuriken Catapult rounds a turn, on the move. What this means is that ANY infantry that comes with 18” of you is going to be gutted.

But what happens when my TANKS come close to you? Eh *nudge nudge*?

So, now you have a solid core of 6 troops choices (don’t see that too often with Eldar!) to make sure that you have the bodies to take objectives, and the firepower to waste infantry, plus the entire thing is mobile. The HQ choices multiply the effectiveness of these units and provide some counter assault punch. So what is the list lacking now? Anti tank/monstrous creature firepower.

Lacking? Uh dignity. Particularly me because it's almost like you push a little button inside me that says Rage! It's angry marines all over again :(

You have several options to fill this role, but I go with Wraithlords because they are so hard to kill.

Oh no says IG/SM/Tau, not 3 T8 W3 creatures w 2 S8 weapons. What am I going to do? Kill them. And if I cbf'd, oh I sure hope my mech wall can survive 6 S8 shots.

Throw a Wraithlord into a 30 boy Ork Mob after you have Mind Warred the Nob and laugh as that unit does NOTHING for the rest of the game.

Or if you played a good army you could avoid it, template it, kill it, etc. I thought your army had awesome anti-infantry? Plus that WL has 2 flamers. seriously.

Blablabla this is already turning into too long of a post...

In a year of running my foot Eldar list as my primary army I have not yet lost a single game, and I play at least once a week against a very wide variety of armies and players who are very skilled, and play competitively.

Bullshit. I'll take 1000pts of something and kick your ass. Come to Australia. No one, NO ONE, not even Sun Tzu himself could play 40k regularly against good opponents and lists and win all the time. You're either playing shit people (likely), shit lists (likely) or lying (likely). Hell you could be cheating/using rigged dice, too! Watch this. In 22 years of life I've won 2 billion Fantasy games and never lost any. No one is going to come out and dispute this because I've never lost a fantasy game :P (nor have I played any). Now go matchup against a real list and a real player. Videotape it. Post it online. Prove us wrong.

By the by, he has one real anti-tank unit. 7 dragons. On foot.

Again I'm laying down the guantlet. Play someone who has some skill with a list who has some merit. Videotape it. Prove your worth. Even better come down here and prove it to me in person.

7 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

God, I hope you're making this up. I really don't want to open that link up for fear of what it might do to me.

MagicJuggler said...

I read the list...

Really? A foot-list...without a Seer Council, or even any Wraithguard? Or even any bikes or anything for board control?

I want to face bigred's opponents...or at least coach them on how to wipe bigred's smirk off his face.

Vinsanity said...

The Eldar Hybrid isn't so bad methinks. Its sub par to the Mechdar lists but has some elements of it. A large unit of wraithguard and some wraithlords and an avatar isn't too bad as a midfield presence. Harlies are still able to be a threat and have a large charge range so can get to those marines once you have popped the tranny :P

And the hybrid still has the good eldar mech stuff, like dragons in serpents and a DAVU falcon...

I remember when SW first came out last year and I played Kirby and beat him with a Hybrid list, I was pretty impressed...

After saying that though, the Mech list is the way to go for 5th but the Hybrid list is still tough... The foot list only worked with the Ulthwe Strike Force in Eye of Terror and isn't a good army in 5th...

And one thing about shooting Wraithlords, esp with a guard army. Suppose they mass up on autocannons and chims, those weapons are not great at taking the Wraithlords down and need lots of shots... I guess melta guns and lascannons will be the way to go but if you are lacking lascannons, it could be harder to take down those Wraithlords than you suggest. Not all IG players have 9 vendettas obviously :D

Kirby said...

One game beating me with Hybrid doesn't mean it's good lol. Remember I was playing around with Logan + LF + RP all in one squad. How'd that go? (+ rolling <6" when right next to the Quins multiple times didn't help lol). It was a trial list for SW ^^ but still kudos to your win. Hybrid Eldar isn't nearly as bad as foot eldar but they just don't work in 5th against a fully meched (or competent foot) list. i.e. imagine if I had just one unit of TWC. Bye bye Wraithguard :@!

Look at the latest Mech Eldar list I put up. That is a sickening amount of firepower. Eldar don't get that on foot unlike say IG (but with IG mech you've got saturation for your heavy tanks, still have high strength guns on them, they're cheap and my infantry lasts longer than your foot infantry, stupid leafblower crap).

If a Guard army can't take down even a WL a turn they are doing something wrong or their list sucks. A ordered bubble-wrap unit should take off at least a wound and a single vendetta can take off the rest. Add in the fact IG can simply ignore those guys and be fine? Then just flame bait everything when it comes close.

Anywho, BoLS fail continues. They get good publicity about it though!

Smurfy said...

I too wanna see BoLS man up and play the lists they post.

Oh wait

They don't

They're trying to trick the Internet the assholes.

Polymphus said...

I just. Ugh. No. I tried to scream, but only blood came out. My Mech Tau would have a goddam field day against this army. Hell, static Tau could probably take it down without too much effort and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

What Smurfy said.

Btw, that shit is written by a guest, not by bigred. He just posted it for teh lulz. Kinda sad though since people will buy that and get a foot eldar army only to notice that they keep losing and probly quit the hobby. Yay?

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