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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Email in: Alexander's 1750k tau... "Since everyone else is doing it..."

Would you care to rip my Tau list to pieces? I've been trying to get a more kauyon approach down where static units grab the enemy's attention while the mobile elements tear them apart. Anyway, here it is.


Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle
Multitracker, bonding knife


2 XV8 battlesuits
Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle

3 XV8 battlesuits
TL-missile pods, flamer
team leader w. bonding knife


12 Fire Warriors
Shas'ui w. bonding knife
Devilfish w. smart missile system, disruption pod, multitracker, targeting array

10 Kroot
5 Hounds

10 Kroot
5 Hounds

10 Kroot
5 Hounds

Fast Attack

2 Piranhas
Fusion Blaster, disruption pod,

8 Pathfinders
Shas'Ui w. bonding knife
Devilfish w. smart missile system, disruption pod, multitracker, targeting array

Heavy Support

Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun, burst cannons
disruption pod, multitracker

3 Broadside battlesuits
Plasma Rifles, multitrackers
team leader w. bonding knife, hard-wired drone controller
2 Shield Drones

While using this army I've found wiping the enemy out is never on the cards. Instead, it's a matter of taking out key units while minimizing my own casualties, mostly by playing keepaway. Thoughts?

I'm assuming this is 1750 as the points add up to 1744. It's not a bad list per say, it's got the right units but there is quite a bit of extraneous items/models/wargear we don't need and some killing power we do need.

What we don't need -> plasma rifles on broads, no FW to hijack PF devilfish, bonding knives, Shas'uis.

What we do need -> target lock on Broads, better weapon loadouts on Suits, targetting arrays on Piranhas (confused with your multi-tracker there as Piranhas cant take multi-trackers), another Troop to hijack Fish and consistent Suits.

Again, it's a decent list but with some streamlining we can make the problem you have of playing keep away disappear. The main reason I think you'll find you don't table (or get close to tabling) an opponent is your Crisis suits. As it has been discussed, plasma rifle and missile pod crisis suits add a lot of firepower. Whilst TL-MP have their merits they are sub-par to PR/MP suits. So let's see what we can do and keep in the same vein of what you sent me:

HQ -
Shas'el w/PR, MP, multi-tracker and HW-target lock

Elites -
XV8 x2 w/PR, MP, multi-tracker

XV8 x2 w/PR, MP, multi-tracker

XV8 x2 w/PR, MP, multi-tracker

Troops -
Fire Warriors x6
Devilfish w/SMS, multi-tracker, DPods, targetting array

Fire Warriors x6

Kroot x10 w/Hounds x7

Kroot x10 w/Hounds x4

Fast Attack -
Pathfinders x8
Devilfish w/SMS, multi-tracker, DPods, targetting array

Piranha w/DPod, targetting array, fusion blaster

Piranha w/DPod, targetting array, fusion blaster

Heavy Support -
Hammerhead w/BCs, multi-tracker, Railgun, DPod

Broadsides x2 w/ASS, TL w/HW target-lock, HW drone controller and 2 shield drones

Broadside w/ASS, TL w/HW Drone controller and 2 shield drones

Total: 1747 pts
5 tanks
61 infantry

That streamlines the list you gave me without adding any new units (other than a couple of suits) and greatly increases your firepower.

How's that? I'm not really up to date off the top of my head on the tau fluff and how their military fights so up to you to tell me if this fits your theme (I would presume it does since I haven't changed the models drastically).

2 pinkments:

Polymphus said...

Thanks for that. The extra d-fish was an oversight: there were originally two FoF units in the army and the second took the PF's 'fish. Then I realised I was only really using FoF out of some strange 4th edition sentimentality and dropped a unit.

After your changes, you wouldn't consider the list too static? I'm liking it a lot but I'm wondering if it will suffer from the same mobility problems the old list did. Might dropping a broadside and some fireknives for another railhead do any good?


Kirby said...

As it is I think it's fine. If you wanted the extra Railhead over the Broadside I'd drop the FW/Fish unit which should give you 90 ish points left over so add 2 more Fireknives.

As I said though I think it's okay as you've got the 2 fish which should compensate for the loss of the Railhead in relation to anti-infantry.

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