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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RealGenius & BoLS fail once again

Credit to Dethtron here for pointing out how stupid BoLS is.

Let's sum this up (I know I haven't finished my Ork articles give me time!):
giving crap armies in 5th more anti-tank doesn't "end" mech, it makes them more effective against mech.

Furthermore, the deff rolla FAQ doesn't make Orks a good army now.

Glad we got that out of the way. Remember it's the 5th edition RULEBOOK which makes vehicles so tough in 5th. You know, the vehicle damage chart? Add in the cheapness of tanks these days and ya, mech is good. Remember that crappy article you guys wrote on hybrid? How's this going for you ^^.

Anyways Dethtron goes through it pretty well so internet kudos for him :P. But let's look at what RealGenius says about DE...

I don't know if I'd count AV10 as "Mech" since a vehicle that is threatened by small arms fire doesn't mean that you need to really change your army much.

Now if DE get AV11 or AV12 skimmers, then maybe that will be different

This was in reply to someone saying wait for DE for mech to "peak" (another wtf, DE mech will be uh awesome? DE mech is awesome now they just dont have options outside 1 list really, nor scale well. just because they get tons of lances =/= dead mech).

It uses the vehicle damage chart. It's mech. +1 for IQ <50. -200 for getting Raiders into RF range. Remember their whole fast skimmer crap? Nightfields? 48" range? This is how an open-topped army can be good. By not sucking (like Orks). And when they get buffed with their new dex?


When Shoota Boyz are effective against your "Mech" or when Bolters are preferred over meltaguns to take you out then even a 4+ cover save isn't going to help you.

The big deal about Mech armies is that you need a lot of anti-tank weapons to take them out. But if your Mech can be immobilized by pretty much ANY gun in the game then you aren't presenting a Mech problem to your opponent.

Not to say that DE won't cause people problems. It just won't be hurting their Mech that people will have trouble with.

A meltagun is going to be better than a boltgun; always. Glad we talked about this. So when your bolters get in range after I've shot 18ish DLs at you plus whatever else I have, wtf are you talking about? DE > you.


I think we may have already seen the peak, and the DE release will be the nail in the coffin.

To your moronicity. Is that a word? Is now. How can you see a peak in mech when nothing has changed for mech to be bad? It's not like IG/Nids/SW/SM got 1point 200" S10 Ap1 20" ord barrages. Seriously. WTF do you guys smoke?


The metagame is interesting to tinker with. I think the main people hurt by this are those that are used to driving their Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer forward to drop off something killy. Now they have to be a lot more careful because something nasty will be there that can smash the something killy AND the LRC/LRR.

I've heard about people taking more Lascannons, but what about Marine players taking more vanilla LRs? Nothing like a good armored bunker in your backfield shooting a bunch of anti-Battlewagon guns.

Maybe because of the Deffrolla there will be a meta-shift from the LRC/LRR to the normal LR?

Shit. There is NO metagame. The "metagame" will change when the rulebook does. New army books and FAQs make such tiny changes that should generally have been implemented anyways. I.e. Tyranids = fucking mech up. Tyranids/IG/SM/SW = get psy defense. Morons. Plus you're going to leave the best LRs at home? Uh why? Whywhywhywhy? Why does a deff rolla even scare your LRs? Your Speeders sitting at home are they? l2block. Seriously.

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