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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Email in: Mech Eldar (2k?)

From chair126;

hi there,

uve prob seen me on warseer. i comment on ur painting sumtimes and found ur blog. rly liking it so far. keep it up.

id like to request a eldar list though and i dont want any sort of council (though if the only way they can compete is wit a council ok) which is as top nothc as possible. id like to use as many serpents as possible as ive got 6 a prism and some vypers. i keep losin wit em down in tassie so any tactics would be gr8 to


Well first off thanks for liking the blog. Yes I've seen you on Warseer a few times and appreciate the comments on my SM painting blog. So down to the dirty. I'm going to assume 2k unless otherwise noted and if you want a competitive Council list you can't go far wrong with this.

So anywho let's get cracking. I've been meaning to fiddle around with a 2k Eldar Mech list and lots of AV12 chasis as a restriction isn't really a restriction at all. Since chair126 asked for tactics I'm going to make the list the talk about it rather than my usual discussion along the way (I'll explain my choices later in the tactics section).

HQ -

Elites -
Fire Dragons x5
Serpent w/TL Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Fire Dragons x5
Serpent w/TL Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Fire Dragons x5
Serpent w/TL Shuriken Cannons, Shuriken Cannon

Troops -
Dire Avengers x5
Serpent w/TL Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon

Dire Avengers x5
Serpent w/TL Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon

Storm Guardians x10 w/2 flamers
Serpent w/TL EML, Shuriken Cannon

Dire Avengers x5

Fast Attack -
Vyper w/Shuriken Cannon, Scatter Laser

Heavy Support -
Fire Prism w/Shuriken Cannon

Fire Prism w/Shuriken Cannon

Falcon w/Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

Total: 1997 pts
Tanks: 10
Infantry: 41

You could drop the Storm Guardians completely for another 2 seperate Vypers (same setup) and points to spare or replace them with another Avenger/BL serpent combo but you'll see why I have that Vyper in a bit and the trade-off in firepower from a single BL down to an EML is minimal and thus worth it.

So. Eldrad into the Falcon alongside 5x Avengers. Double Fortune some Serpents T1 and Guide or Doom a target as needed. Otherwise chuck out Doom, Guide & Fortune as needed (always Guide the falcon unless it has weapons blown off). Use the Vyper behind the Falcon where it can shoot but still get cover. Use Eldrad to Guide if you haven't Doomed something (or Falcon isn't in cover to get a benefit from Fortune).

A lot of the internetz hates chin shuriken cannons. I'm going to disabuse you here. From chin shuriken cannons we're paying 100pts. For 30 S6 shots on 10 different shots @ BS3. That's 3.33 points per S6 shot. Um. Okay, sold. You're not going to find that efficiency across the army often. Add in the fact that every one of your vehicles now has at a minimum two significant weapons and a single weapon destroyed result doesn't in a virtually useless unit (you only need 2! woo). They also love spirit stones. What are the chances of 10 stunneds across the board? Minimal. Chin shuriken cannons are that much better and the same points. At the same time I think having stones on the Falcon and some Dragons helps overcome those occasional stuns. Still, they aren't needed but provide a little bit of flexibility in planning (remember: these are NOT bought for contesting last turn, that is a waste of points. If I can, it's a bonus. The point for the Dragons is to get them there. The Falcon to reposition).

Troop Serpents and Fire Prisms essentially fire from back/mid-field and use their speed to move about and control objectives. The Avengers rarely, rarely get out and should only get out en masse to try and wipe a small unit off an objective late game. The Storm Guardians can be used late game to push a unit off an objective. Like Dragons, expect them to die once they hop out so make sure when they get out that it's pivotal.

Finally the Dragons. Zoom em first turn generally (here's where your double Fortune goes) and take out the biggest targets of note. If there aren't really any immediate threats (or you can let the threats come to you) use them in conjuction with the Prisms and Troop Serpents to control the battlefield.

Does that make sense chair126? I choose Eldrad over 2x Seers to a) get the Vyper b) use two of the same power without spending 120+ points x2 and c) not having to pay RoWit x2 to reliably get those powers off w/o Embolden. This does however limit your psychicness to a very local area so you have to be very aware of your Falcon placement and movement.

Thoughts everyone else?

3 pinkments:

Vinsanity said...

Looks fine, your best list yet! Hoping to play vs this one soon :D Maybe (just maybe) try to fit in a warlock with destructor in the Stormies squad. But points will probs come from the Spirit Stones or something...

chair126 said...

thx kirby. it looks gd though i dnt rly lik using speical chars. can u modify the list to use the 2 seers as u suggested?

mayb drop the storm guardians, add 2 vypers w/sl and sc and two seers w/doom & fortune?

or would that make the list weaker? it gets more shots and tanks and can have the seers spread out

Kirby said...

If you don't want to use Eldrad you could of course use something like you suggested.

Drop Eldrad and the Flamer Guardians + Serpent. Buy 2 more SC/SL Vypers (seperate squads) and then buy 2 Seers w/Doom, Fortune, Stones. Give Guide to one and RoWard to the other (or you could give both to one and have him in the Falcon). That's 2k on the spot. As you said it dilutes the survivability of the Eldar force but it makes up for it Firepower, more psychicness and more psychic coverage.

You could also drop Eldrad and the Vyper for the 2 aforementioned Seers and replace the EML/Storm Guardian serpent w/BL DA serpent with 5 pts to spare. This is less firepower but keeps the AV12 wall at 9 and spreads your psyness out. If you didn't want Eldrad I think this would be the better option.

Cheers Vince. Only issue is the single Vyper but as I explained you can get it 24/7 cover and Guide from Eldrad which is pretty nice. We'll see how it goes when I test it out but I'll be playing a list like this once I get a couple more AV12 chasis :).

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