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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some musings on the NBA...

1) Andrew Bogut -> must underrated center in the NBA? Last year was pretty disappointing with injures but he has really stepped up his defense this year and is 2nd in the league with blocked shots. I think his offensive game is a lot more polished than Dwights simply because he's not overwhelmingly athletic and strong but I'd put him up there in Top 5 centers in the league (particularly with Yao out atm). Now ifonly Oden can show this type ofimprovment next year...

2) Brandon Jennings -> continuing with the Buck trend but in a different direction. He's a dipshit. He drops 55 and keeps saying all the right things but he looks like a moron on the court. His whole hairdo thing (let's think who this reminds us of, Ron Artest, Dennis Rodman, Chris Anderson, Allen Iverson, etc. At least the first two were excellent defensive players and made teams better by having them around) and punk-ass attitude is annoying. So glad his shot is failing him atm and Bogut should sit on him for a couple weeks until he matures a bit on the court. The only thing going for him is his assist/TO ratio.

3) Martell Webster -> His play has dropped off ever since Batum has come back and he's coming off the bench again which is a shame. Batum is a much better and more polished player but Webster was simply amazing for that Feb stretch whilst he was starting and BRoy was out and even when BRoy came back. I'd love to see him still have that rhythm coming off the bench and knock down some 3s and get some blocks (he's had some amazing defensive moments from his leaping ability but needs to be more consistent I think). Still needs to work on rebounding.

4) Nicholas Batum -> So we've talked about who he's replaced, now let's look at Batum himself. His defense is as usual, stellar. He's simply the best perimeter defender they have. Last year he showed glimmers of offensive potential and I think his off-season and rehab work has really paid off. I think he'll fit into that role with which Ariza did in the Lakers. He can certainly go out and score 15-20ppg but what the Blazers team needs him to do is defend, rebound and be able to score when they need it. Add in the fact he, Aldridge and Camby are very long and can run the floor very well and it almost makes me not want Oden back. Almost.

5) Lakers -> bunch of noobs. :)

6) Andre Miller -> Who knew he could dunk?

With the season winding down it'll be really nice to see some good games. The East playoff picture is depressing for me as I'm a fan of the Bobcats, Bulls, Bucks (other than Jennings), Raptors and Heat (Raptors and Heat only because of Bosh & Wade, one of you PLEASE go to the Bulls) but with Noah out I can't see the Bulls hanging on :(. The West looks to have the top8 sorted but who falls where is anyone's guess.

5 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

Hmm yes , totally true. Lakers are a bunch of noobs

Tim said...

The andrew bogut comment, i think he deffinatly is and it was a massive shame about the injury, though its hard to say after the ingury how important he was after the bucks still took the hawks to 7 games, then again i think that was more of a let down on the side of the hawks

Kirby said...

That was a Hawks implosion and simple grit by the Bucks, the Hawks should of been scoring 120+ without Bogut to hold down the middle. Bucks/Aussie fans should be excited for the upcoming season and world championships assuming Bogut stays healthy.

timmacox said...

mmm well its hard when you only have two great power forwards and no real centre. along with bibby having to try and keep up with alot of youth. i cant wait though, because unlike when kristic was coming up bogut didnt hurt his knee and lost his ability to jump entierly, so should be exciting

Tim said...

Also, just read your introduction, i am 6'1" and can dunk, though it doesn't help that my wingspan is 6'1" too

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