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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Random crap

Before I get to bed after work and before I post up some more articles tomorrow just put out some random stuff.

First I got my thesis topic I wanted. I'm sure you're all super happy with me on this, now I just need to make a research question. It will have to do with online behaviour of some sort and assuming most of you who look at this blog interact online :P, if I get ethics approval and if you are willing it would be great if you guys could help me out by answering some surveys! That's a long way off and will post more about it later if I do get approval...

Second. Roy. 41 pts. Portland win in Oakland. What could make a Blazer fan happier? Oh ya they came from 13pts down in the 4th. They got 22 offensive rebounds. Other than blocks the Blazers topped the stat sheets in all games that day. They're still getting better as a team. If they could just stay healthy next year and get Oden back into the mix...well!

Third. I'm so tired of the 40k internet scene. People take mass HKs and try and make it work for Tau. It doesn't. People rage how crap Tyranids are and then say having 6 W6 T6 MCs is overpowered (it's niether people! this will be discussed later). The new BA are going to make old SM useless (no TH/SS termies? comeon + if BA really do make a better mech spam oh look my yellow/blue/green marines are now Blood Angels) or make armies like Tau or Eldar useless. Whinewhinewhinebitchbitchbitch. *shudder*

Fourth. Customers. If you want something. Book it in. I'm happy to accomodate your requests but if you tell me on the day you want X of this just after I've given out 10X of it to a group before you who did book it in, well don't get pissy with me!

That's all. See you in the morning!

5 pinkments:

Polymphus said...

Oooh Postgrad Psych? Good to know I'm not alone in the wargaming community there. Happy to help, although you might find the request reciprocated at a later date.

MagicJuggler said...

I majored in Computer Science myself. :P

The real reason for Blood Angels rage is their (Troop) Assault Squads can take Meltaguns, and without Jump Packs, can take a naked Razorback for 20 points. Ayeayeaye. They are more expensive/their weapon options are pricier though, and Marines get better bikes (and troop bikes), cheaper Thunderhammer/Storm Shield Termies (which can be made MC with Vulkan...though the BA ones can benefit from FNP), etc. But Emperor forbid people adapt their tactics.

Kirby said...

Oh lovely Poly :P. What do you wish to major in later?

As I've said, I just want to see if my Mech spam is run better by BA lol. We shall see though a lot of bad army concepts rolling around atm. On Warseer there is a mass jump list with ABs as a screen...ya that'll last long.

Polymphus said...

I'm looking at Neuro/Psycholinguistics. It's always fascinated me the way the brain processes language. If we can better understand the systems, then we can use this knowledge to enhance both first and second language acquisition.


Well I find it interesting...

Kirby said...

Hmm apparently my post got lost in the ether. Anyways I'd like to major in EI/assessment/org psych or some cominbation thereof. I was looking at doing Neuro before but only really liked the assessment side ofit (same with clinical). Really I'm just not that nice a person :P lol, lack of empathy = bad.

I've always been interested in group behaviours (EI) and how certain "scores" affect the way people behave (i.e. EI/IQ/personality tests in assessments and Org psych) so hopefully can get a job somewhere in those fields after this year before I do my PhD/Masters.

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