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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BA & Tyranids FAQs

Go GW! Let's take a look @ Tyranids first. I'll only be looking at major things.

Hive Commander doesn't stack. This hurts spore armies a lot so look for pure reserve armies to disappear but is possible to combine with a Swarmlord (okay?) and Lictor. Confirmed Hive Tyrant is not an IC when it joins Tyrant Guard, no leaving, no targetting, pure pwnage. Hive Guard failing IB cannot shoot at units out of LoS (never actually thought of this) so be wary where you're hiding them if you lose synapse. Slap in the face to all the morons who didn't understand what ANYWHERE meant with Deep Striking. Yes a Mawloc can pop up from under your models and it's still not great. Wait, the DoM doesn't affect units in vehicles and you can take cover saves? Another tick for the non-morons. Shadow in the Warp not affecting units inside vehicles is pretty big as well, Deathleaper becomes even more important as utility.

Well, the only major things were Hive Commander not stacking and SitW not affecting embarked untis, otherwise what we expected. One word answers FTW btw, none of the "well the shooting stars fall into the Tyrants head so only one can you know, reserve crap." Thank you GW. Onto Blood Angels! Quick one here.

FNP/FC bubbles happen at the point of attack and saves. No DoA does not affect transports, thank you. And Corbulo's re-roll cannot affect deployment/first turn roll so him & tarot are out I'm afraid. Sweet and simple.

GW has kept up the standard of FAQs they produced with the SW & IG books. Although a bit late, I think the majority of issues were covered. What does everyone else think? Massive props to GW IMO.

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Jason said...

I am dissapointed that Furioso librarians cannot take additional wargear, even something as basic as extra armor. Also, DC Tycho being unable to join the death company makes him all but unplayable.

In the end, I applaud them for being clear with things like the ability to use shield to give vehicles cover saves. That, coupled with the fact that SiTW doesnt affect embarked librarians makes a shield libby in a razorback a no-brainer against the bugs.

Anonymous said...

Any transports can now be taken for BA.... that takes away the only thing BT had over BA... oh well!

Chumbalaya said...

A lot of these answers were obvious from the start, though it's nice to have the morons put in their place. INAT is being contradicted by almost every FAQ answer.

Spore armies got nerfed, so now I need to reconsider mine.

Messanger of Death said...

@ Brother Loring - We still have our FC Dual LC Assault Terminators with Preferred Enemy.

And this quality of Codices and FAQs is good for Black Templars. It is an indicator of the quality of our 5th Edition Codex.

We will probably end up having something so awesome it will result in all other players flocking to our sub-forum. And at the rate I'm going with posts I'll be over 2000+. So all the noobs will bow down before me in shock and awe at my linking* skills :D


*plus it means more players will be exposed to authors such as Stelek, Kirby and Raptor1313.

The_King_Elessar said...

I'm disappointed that you posted yours after me, but still have more comments, and by more people. Sigh. :(

Maybe there is something in this girlish colouration?

Kirby said...

Just think if Stelek had posted it, it'd have 100 comments by now.

MagicJuggler said...

They answered yes to Scout and Smoke Launchers. This sounds like it's time to use Creed to scout some Devil Dogs. It's a plan worthy of a Tactical Genius...

Jason said...

Does the scout ruling make the following scenario legal if going first?

Scout move: move 18 and pop smoke
Turn 1: move 6 fire everything and receive the smoke cover save.

Aleksi Lehtio said...

Lol Jason has got a point there.

It's a pitty they forgot to mention whether Hive Commander and the Lictor reserve bonuses work if they are off the table.

Luke said...

So I can't sleep and have nothing better to do and I found this thread on warseer.

Was curious as to what people on 3++ thought of it.
Personally I think it's kinda stupid since the FAQ said nothing about any other psychic defense.

AbusePuppy said...

One thing you missed, Kirb: Primes cannot join Warriors in a Spore for some reason. It's some pretty sloppy bullshit, and I think it largely puts the nail in the coffin for Tyranid reserve armies.

Anonymous said...

@ Messanger...

Libby with unleash rage, sanguinary priest and assault terminators??

I've already faced them a few times. Makes me sad, especially when they disembark from a pimped up flying LR with AP1 missiles. And they're still backed-up with 3++ hammers!

Kirby said...

@Jason/Aleksi; I've always played you could use smokes during a scout move and the smoke cover save & trubo-boost basically 'lasts' until your next movement phase. So if you're going first and use smokes, it's useless but if you go 2nd or the initiative is seized, you get a benefit.

@Puppy; very true though I think everyone is unhappy about the Prime not being able to spore w/Zoans

@Luke; I believe GW will change it at some point to make it consistent (and maybe Eldar's will be able to affect psykers in trasports because they rock) but as the majority of posters early (didn't read past #5) said, GW have only made it official for Tyranids atm.

Messanger of Death said...

@ Brother Loring - and how much does that Combo cost? Exactly. Lot and lots and lots.


DooDoo said...

MoD, it costs 375 points

Messanger of Death said...

It would be alittle less than 375 points since we are trying to compare BT Assault Terminators (Blackberries)to BA Assault Terminators (Strawberries).

So our Blackberries are a standard 200 points like their Strawberries version. However, they can freely switch between the different wargear. The general ratio is 3 Dual Lightening Claws and 2 TH/SS. And then to get FC we pay another 15. So 215 points. To get Preferred Enemy we have The Emperors Champion with AAC.. which becomes 140 points (of course the EC is mandatory so you could always minus his base cost leaving you with 50 points which can then be divided by the entire army). So all up our FC Blackberries with Preferred Enemy cost 355 points.

As for the Strawberries... The Librarian costs 100 base cost and selects Unleash Rage giving Preferred Enemy (psychic tests aren't always reliable). Then get the Sanguinary Priest which is 50 points and grants Furious Charge (and Feel No Pain but the Blood Chalice can be removed from the game). You then get the Strawberry Assault Terminators which are also a base cost of 200 points. They then pay for two TH/SS which costs them 10 points (but at same time the SS is superior with a 3++ Invulnerable Save). So the FC Strawberries with Preferred Enemy (and FNP) costs 360 points.

Fuck!! Atleast they are sacrificing 3 FOC slots to make that combo work.


N.B. I declare that the following terms be used henceforth: Blackberries (BT), Strawberries (BA), Vanillaberry (SM), Blueberries (UM), Furberries (SW), and Darkberries (DA).

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that the combo will cost a bit, but actually think it makes no difference.

Do you want Sang priests in your BT army? Yes (so it won't take an extra elite slot for starter).

Do you want a Librarian/Psychic Defence in your army? Yes.

So they're both coming along for the ride anyway. It's just Blackberries and Strawberries really.... ;)

Kirby said...

I lol'd at the berries.

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