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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tervigon WIP

So I'm painting up my first Tervigon atm and Brother Loring demanded pics (and then went offline). All I've done atm is sprayed undercoat, painted the white and inked with shadow grey. I've started trialing colors on the veins for the egg sac but don't like the color atm and will be going for something lighter. It's hard to see the egg sac/birth canal from the side pics so took an underside pic but lighting is crap on that one. The pics also showed me some mould lines (again). I HATE mould lines. I always miss some but will need to fix them. The birth canal I'm not happy with because it just looks like a gun pointing at the ground...but the GSing for the egg sac and tendons I'm happy with considering my lack of expertise. Minor problem with it basically looking like a hunched over Carnifex as you can't see the sac too well from the side. So thoughts and opinions welcome.

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Luke said...

It looks more like it would rather nom on things in close combat than poop out gants and provide support.
Thou I don't have the nid codex so I have NO idea what a tervi should look like =[

Since I too lazy to go back and find it I'll just say it here,
I did love your t-fex, that one looked much more suited to it's role.

Chumbalaya said...

Hey look, a Termagant gun :P

Anonymous said...

Luke... All bugs want to nom things. Some just like to poop babies on the way to doing so.

Chumby -don't be mean!

I think she's beautiful Kirbs! Is she single?

Sorry about earlier...*saving lives*

Luke said...

lol ok I suck at explaining things =/

My opinion of a tervigon is a support beast, made by the hivemind to make gants and provide support for the swarm.
Kirbys Tervi looks like it was made to tears things apart up close and that the pooping babies part was an afterthought added on at the end. Kinda like the melta bombs you stick on a random sarge because your at 1995 points.

But it is kirbys tervi not mine so it doesn't really matter, this is just my opinion.

When I think of a tervi I kinda think of something like this one
Yes I know warseer gives horrible tactical advice but some days I end up with nothing better to do than browse it.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like the melta bombs you stick on a random sarge because your at 1995 points.....

So true, so true!

Kirby said...

@Luke; that was my concern, too. It will be more hunched over when I put it together but someone wanted pics *glares* and blutac isn't great. Not really sure what else to do to make it more Tervigon-ish though. The Tervigon has 3 rows of back spines but not sure I have the modelling ability for that.

@Chumb; termagunt.

Luke said...

Hmmm could you make the talons look more like they are being used as legs to keep the tervi upright??

Chumbalaya said...


Kirby said...

Got it; 2nd set of Talons I'll reverse. This makes it look more like they are 'walking talons' rather than sycthing talons.

Luke said...

Sounds good, will be waiting for pics =P

Son of Russ said...

admittedly late to this thread, but what i did for converting mine was: putty a giant egg sac taking up the whole area of the lower chest and abdomen, only leaving the upper sockets for when i feel like using Scything Talons, then picked up some 1" corrugated hospital tubing, cut off about an inch of it and used it to form the birth canal, with a newborn Termagaunt slithering out of it. My second one doesnt have a birth tube, but a much bigger egg sac, with a Termagaunt sliding out of a slit cut in the front

Niels P said...

I've made my Tervi like this one.
(Hides behind an Trygon just great ;)

But what I havnt decided on is how big the base should be.
Should it be the Fex base, or the Trygon/Mavlo ?
The fex have a smaler profile, but the Trygon seems like...

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