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Friday, June 25, 2010

Email in: Muffin takes a tournament

"Right Kirb, I'm going to my first-every 5th edition tournament next week and I've been working the kinks out of my list. Problem: it's soft score heavy. Really soft score heavy: 25% of my overall marks come from composition and I have no idea whether they're going to love or flog me for my list. I've tried to weaken it up a bit (expensive Shas'O, only one Piranha etc) but I'm unused to what comp judges like in Tau armies and I'm unsure how they'll react to this. Since you play Tau and live in the same part of the world (with similar comp judging standards) I figured you'd have a bit more experience in the field, whether or not (I'm guessing no) you like comp.

So. Point: is this list still competitive without causing a comp judge to want to murder me with a rusty spoon?

Everyone's least favourite Surreptitious Breakfast Snack.


Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma rifle
Hard-wired multitracker, bonding knife
Stimulant Injector, Shield Generator

Plasma Rifle, Twin-linked missile pod
Hard-wired multitracker, bonding knife


2 XV8 Crisis Suits
Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod

2 XV8 Crisis Suits
Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod


6 Fire Warriors

15 Kroot
6 Kroot Hounds

15 Kroot
6 Kroot Hounds

Fast Attack

8 Pathfinders
Shas'ui w. bonding knife
Devilfish w. smart missile system, disruption pod, multitracker

Fusion Blaster, targeting array, disruption pod, 

Heavy Support

3 XV88 Broadside Battlesuits
Advanced Stabilisation system
Team leader w. bonding knife, hard-wired drone controller
2 Shield Drones

Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun, burst cannons
multitracker, disruption pod

Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun, burst cannons
multitracker, disruption pod
You're playing Tau, don't you auto get 5comp? lol I'd drop down to 2 Broadsides and grab another Piranha and maybe replace a Kroot squad with a FW in devilfish squad. I'd drop the normal commander, too. Keep the silly decked out commander for comp reasons if you wish but with all the points you've saved you should be able to get another Crisis squad in. That makes the list more balanced but might seem less scary on the comp scale. Can't really say how Tau are comp graded in Australia/NZ though I imagine 3x3 Crisis and Broadsides/HHeads are negatively scored (no way, Tau can't take any of their best offensive units and be considered cheesey? fail). 

Really I'd just work on getting a couple more Piranhas into the list so you can control midfield. If anyone who has some experience with comp based scores in Australia/NZ for Tau (i.e. Taak) some information/feedback for Muffin would be great. Sorry this took a couple days btw!

8 pinkments:

Steve said...

Totally non-post related...where did the crisis suit picture come from?

It is the awesome.

MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

Personally I would just ignore the comp. Comp is awful and it's pretty much random what the TO thinks is good or not.

However, most people seem to dislike multiples of non-troops units. So maybe changing one Hammerhead into a Sky Ray and one Crisis team into TL Missile Pods would give you a higher score. Also, increasing the Fire Warrior squad size might help you.

Auretious Taak said...

No idea on the comp for Tau...sorry. Looking over it you are HS weighted, and have multiples of the same units in the list so people will bitch about that (the wankers). Otherwise it looks kinda balanced, strongish troop numbers though could be more, mix of units...2 or 3/5 for comp? Like I said, not up on it for Tau, and it's very subjective anyways.

P.S. Kirby I saw you on Vassal the other night asking if people were staying up for the Soccer, indeed I did, we were SOOO close to getting to round of 16 but no matter beat serbia 2-1 so that is some consolation. And yes, played my first game of 40k on Vassal Online. Will be up for that campaign of yours for sure. Might have a mate who knows how to play strongly possibly interested, also Sydneysider.

Kirby said...

@Steve; all pictures are linked to their original source, just click on the picture!

@MoM; agree completely in terms of comp, I'd just go with your usual 1750 list Muffin but if you want to deal with comp...

@Taak; cool. I'm going to try and get Vince interested in going to city store on Tuesday if you're up for it. Need to speed paint this weekend though :P.

AbusePuppy said...

I would:

-Drop the fancy Shas'o, add a TL Missile/TA Crisis team.

-Drop one Hammerhead, add two Piranhas (remember, you only need one DP per Piranha squad).

-Smart Missile + Target Lock on the Hammerhead (move 6", bust a tank, pepper some infantry; it's good times).

-Drop the Shas'ui from the Pathfinder team. If they're getting shot, they're generally getting dead.

It's perhaps not as good as, say, full-on Plasma/Railgun spam, but I think it would be hard for a judge to call it cheesy. One squad of FWs feels a little low for objectives, but I think you can make do with it.

Auretious Taak said...

Send me an email Kirby, should be right for it.

Surreptitious Muffin said...

I ended up dropping the expensive commander, dropping a broadside and dropping a few kroot to throw in an 11-strong FW w. 'fish unit. I'd love to add another piranha (since I know the comp judge thinks they suck) but my second hasn't arrived from Maelstrom yet and certainly won't be ready and painted on time.

Kirby said...

@Taak; prob won't be going as Tervigons aren't ready. Missus stole the weekend! lol. Wednesday after next is looking likely atm though need to talk to Vinsanity.

@Muffin; if you can get the Piranha in time I'd really add that but otherwise sounds okay. You've at least shored up your scoring ability with the extra FW rather than silly Stealths or something compy :P.

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