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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Libby WIP; base complete

Well here's some more WIP pics of the Libby I did between exam studying today and before I open all those Tyranid boxes. So I've completed the highlighting on all the blue (which has shown up really badly here, I need to remember to take pictures in the morning rather than evening so I get natural light). Most of the highlighting has been washed out by the camera so it looks rather thick and abrupt. Anyway, done base coats for the rest of the colors so you can get an idea of what's going on, attached a few more items, touched up the warpflame thingo and did the base! Again it's a bit washed out but it's a deep blue moving up towards white with some flock to represent frost (not snow) on top remembering my SM chapter lives on an ice world <3. If any of you recall me looking for crystals as well...well the end result is on that base though is hard to see...dearie me. Anyway, c&c appreciated! Should have this guy done on the weekend if not tomorrow so I can get cracking on Tyranids.

6 pinkments:

Farmer Geddon said...

Looks good. Love the Spirit Ork!

Skellum said...

Remind me to steal your colour scheme when I start my BA :P
Great stuff! Can't wait to see the rest

Chumbalaya said...

That looks pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

He looks great Kirby...

Kirby said...

Thanks peoples <3. Skellum; steal my color scheme. :O

Anonymous said...

Well... he's coming along nicely.

I'm not a fan of the skull on the warpy/magic stuff (what is it 'officially' called?), but I'm not the one to ask - BT Abhor the Witch! I suppose there is some nasty stuff lurking in that there warp, so maybe it's appropriate?

Really like the blue on the marine, but not sure about the blue around the base. I know it's part of the 'theme' and is the same on your infantry, but just looks a bit too bold with so much.

The blue/purple combo is very nice.

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