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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Email in: Re: BA Mech List Advice

"Hey again Kirby.

First here's a link to the death company pic!
Rifleman dreads seem cool, especially as they can see over my tanks, but I most conversions I have seen for them look godawful, I will have to have a think about how I will do it.

In regards to dropping the honor guard and taking a 10x asm seems like a good idea, another scoring unit here. I think 2x meltas and a PF, and have a priest in one or both of the razorbacks for the bubble. (Better than losing a meltagun for a 9 man asm and putting the priest in the rhino i think?). Taking out the sponsons from 1 baal which is great as 1 of my 2 baals I lost the sponsons for :S, losing one HG squad and taking away the pred + vidicator leaves enough points for a priest, the asm squad and 2x rifle dreads. Or dropping one librarian also allows me to take an extra SP and a fist on HG and some other upgrades. Is 2x rifleman dreads definatley better than 2x preds with AC/LCs?

Oh, I'm confused again now :P


The first e-mail response can be found here so let's look at Caz's latest demands! First off, sweet DC. They get a nod. I like the look of rifledreads personally, I've got 3 ^^ but haven't really tucked into them yet with plasticard, only GS'd them together so I could use them in-game. Since you paint well though you should be able to model well....get cracking! In reference to AC/LCs vs Rifledreads, in this type of army the Rifledreads would prob be better. The AC/LCs can work really well when you play BA as a bit standoffish. You use 6 Preds to screen your RBack spam and your fast movement speed to send a lot of downfield firepower and when they get close, your RBacks move forward to unload meltaguns. Since you're not going this route, I'd opt for the Rifledreads.

I'll assume your math is right with the dropping of Vindi/Pred/Sponsons/HG squad for the ASM/Priest/Rifledreads and then say yes,do that. Put the Priest in one of the Rbacks, one LIbby in the other and then Libby with the HG. You've still got a nice little bunker slot with your HG/RBacks but have more combat oomph from the ASM. Wouldn't bother with combat upgrades on the HG as they are there for shooting not combat (though in a pinch they can lend 15A on the charge).

If you wanted to try something completely different though w/the Preds, check this post out. There's a list in there you could modify which could potentially be what you're looking for as well but in a different vein (more the stand-off type compared to in-your-face).

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