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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A special appreciation: BoLS

Funny title right? This is Kirby posting right? Sure is. We all know my beef with BoLS promoting bad tactics/lists/concepts as good but yesterday I was suitably impressed with the most recent tactics post by Jwolf on...blocking! You can see it here. What's so impressive about that? Well Jwolf actually put down some good points which just shock me. Mildly amusing that it was posted after all the trolling and discussion in relation to this concept here and on 40kO. So what do others think of his comments? They aren't as in-depth as they could be but for a general overview of blocking and blocking units/use in-game it's a very impressive piece for BoLS, hence the shout out.

Oh, let's keep tradition going shall we. To cowmannn & fiendil; yes 40k is all about cheap tricks rather than understanding the game and moving. Why do static lists so often lose out in relation to mobile lists if movement wasn't important. 4th ed gunlines don't work for a reason. Jwolf is spot on in saying 5th edition has increased mobility due to the increased usage of Mech. This doesn't make it a "cheap trick," simply means if you didn't use mech before (what 3 years ago now?) you have to adapt. If you don't like 40k but it's a game of "cheap tricks" you play it or comment on it why?

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Smurfy said...

Movement is my most meticulous phase if you see me play, and often times I spend the entire first turn or even second as well purely maneuvering to get a bead on my overall game plan and pull it off successfully.

Which is why...I like particularly above the norm in terms of mobility

Brent said...

I thought it was a great article. Sorry to repeat, but I think what I wrote their was basically blocking, deployment, and deep-striking are the three things that separate players from vets.

I really believe that. All three of these elements can be discussed in depth and at great length, but I think JWolf hit the high points of blocking.

That said, I like all of his articles; too often I think bits and pieces are taken out for criticism.

The_King_Elessar said...

Movement is by far the most important phase of 40k. Only that and Deployment (which is really the other side of the same coin) are under proper player control, not the lottery of the dice. Mastery of these is as important as Target Priority or Listbuilding.

Kirby said...

*pats TKE*

@Brent; Problem I have w/BoLS is bandwagon jumping like hating Stelek, leafblower = win, footdar, etc. without understanding the concepts of the game (see the BoLS Hybrid editorial). If this is the type of stuff that would come out more regularly, I'd be happier. Too many people read that site and take it as gospel.

Again, kudos to Jwolf for this article.

The_King_Elessar said...

I'll pat you! RAWR!

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