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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wrasslin' by the Horns - Trials and Tribulations of the Blood Rodeo Pt 1

So here's a gamer's log on a path to more success and better gaming with a new army.

As I stated in my Battle Report I have begun modelling and painting Kirby' a list he likes to call the Blood Rodeo as a Lamenter army.

While not a trademark yet, Kirby hopes to make the Blood Rodeo one just like BoLS's Leafblower. Silly men and their toy soldiers. I have you know, I much rather pull one-liners from movies like Escape from LA while playing my games of 40k, so I find it fitting I have named the two Librarians Snake and Plisskin.

We all know Kirby loves fluffing his own idea, but this is one series I felt a need to start for personal gain as well as informing people into how I think. After all, the best way to get better at 40k is by playing (Proxy or otherwise) and by asking others opinions while criticizing yourself to drive yourself to get better.

So modelling & painting aren't my strong point to present yet as I have not a camera to show off my...I would consider average...painting skills. So we'll focus on the army list, tactics and performance.

Issues that people might find in the list and it's usage -

1) Your Movement Phase is key! Do not waste it!

You want to abuse the Sanguinary Priest Bubbles as much as possible while still keeping yourself survivable from massed blasts and artillery. Thankfully, other than Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missiles, most other artillery that would ignore your Armour Save while denying your made method of Cover (Screening with the bikes) are Basilisks. These are on the decline as of late as well as having a piss poor min-indirect range.

Playing so far, never have I imagined my opponent so annoyed that my precise unit movements actually matter now, and thankfully they understand. And while I pointed out to Kirby when I first saw the list that it hates Tank Shocks (Lash can get Hood'd, hopefully.) the list has more than enough melta to make tanks second guess doing so.

Also, don't really bug yourself silly about ANY kind of blast if you are bunched up. I played against Tyranids with 2 Harpies with TL Venom Cannons and 2 Tyrannofexes deck'd out to be Gunbeasts (Cluster Spines, Larvae, & Rupture Cannon IIRC)And though he caught a lot with each successful hit, he scattered off with plentey others and the fact that none of that artillery ignored my Armour, I could be confident that Space Marine Power Armour could carry the day.

So keep tight and keep as one as long as possible to help get enemy target priority out of whack.

2) Combat Squads - In my games so far, I have nearly always Combat Squadded everything in the army that can. This is to give you sacrificial units overall and I don't like shooting melta AND flamers at massed infantry when I could be shooting just the flamers and use the melta on more juicy targets. Smaller squads also make it harder for enemies who expect to shoot and charge your units for a follow up, as every unit needs only 2 casualties (1 for the Bike Combat Squads with Attack Bikes) before it's called to take a Morale Check. Now, you may not have Combat Tactics to choose to fail this check, (Which would make this list way too silly if it could.) but it does give you to do just the same with some "bad luck" As explained in the Battle Report, this can prevent multi-charges on your units, help bait enemies where you want them to go, and gives your opponent more targets to wet their pants over.

3) Furious Charge - I know I have it, I just under-utilize it with my ASM so far, am afraid my Jump Packs are that much more fragile than the Bikes. But just last night against the said Tyranids, they ganged up on a 4 Tyranid Warrior + Prime unit all with Boneswords (Prime with a Lashwhip) and they chewed those sorry sods up well! Course he killed a few in the process as well back, but it balanced out. Fists help vs. Nids, kill 2 Warriors and gain 6 Combat Res instantly, lol.

4) Deep Striking - As noted I nearly always Combat Squad, and in doing this I most often leave 2 5 Man - 2 Melta ASM, and a 5 Man - Melta, Hand Flamer & Infernus Pistol Sarge ASM in reserves for very reliable, on position, meltas to take out key threats in the opposing force. Be bold, as the codex says, that Descent of Angels rule kicks serious arse for these kind of uses. Terminators...let's get to those now.

5) "Come With Me If You Want To Live" - Understatement, perhaps, on just how useful the six Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield Terminators (added by Stelek) to the list are. They provide a huge boost in CC power, a awesome deterrent to tell the enemy "Get away from my army/objective", and a awesome method to get firepower that would be detrimental to the list off the majority of it. Plus, since they're so hard they usually survive the enemy's "Oh lord no!" reaction with some luck, they just go in and stick it more to the enemy in a very, boot-to-face kind of way.

So that's the beginning of my thoughts so far. Will keep you posted and any questions/comments while I practice and model it are welcome!

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The Wolf's Lunch said...

Looking forward to seeing how you progress with the Rodeo. Just be wary of Tempest's Wrath, I used it on Kirby once and it really was quite impressive seeing how many guys it took down.

The_King_Elessar said...

Article Fail :P

I don't know which author this is by...

Kirby said...

Posted by Smurfy at 4:42 PM

Seriously? It's right there where it always is. Smurfy does indeed need to work on using his ASM a lot more. I like the article concepts considering I will also be starting it. And it's my child *strokes*

Chumbalaya said...

I like this. I'm very interested in how the Blood rodeo ends up doing.

kennedy said...

I like the Blood Rodeo concept a lot, but I'm not sold on it being really awesome just yet. I'd really like to play against it before I make any judgment, however.

To my eyes, the list could be either a) devastating against some lists/players or b) devastated by some lists. I particularly think that Guard with some Medusas or Demolishers (or hell, even guys with demo charges) could really do some damage. Other than speed, how do you deal with guys who can snuff out whole squads of your FNP dudes?

Chumbalaya said...

I would say spread out, turbo-boost and knock out the tanks with DoA meltas or multi-meltas from attack bikes.

Smurfy said...

Yeah, you kill them first generally.

I mean, it's not like the Sanguinary Priests are essential to the concept, the very core of it is -

1) A lot of mobility without the use of Transports, so your Kill Points aren't crazy plus you can't bog yourself down like you can with massed vehicles.

2) Lots of options to deploy (Reserves/Deep Strikes/Flanks/False Flanks/2-Wings)

3) Aggression - Take the fight to the enemy! Don't hold back!

I've faced Demolishers so far, those should die to melta...Demo Charges if you have the Bike Screen everyone should have a Cover Save so you're pretty well survivable regardless. (4+ Cover for Jumpers/3+ for Turbo-Boosting Bikes) Also remember said Demo Charges are on Vets in Chimeras or Valks/ remember you can shoot a transport down then charge the occupants? That gets rid of the fear of Demo Charges.

Marbo can be a problem but you can have a front wave of bikes, put all the ASM in the center, and another wave of bikes in the back to achieve all cover saves again in this case.

Kirby said...

@Kennedy; IG are really the only guys who come to mind who can snuff out whole squads at a time by denying FNP and even then you're virtually on ever par with a pure BIker list in terms of survivability thanks to layering units (obviously ASM only have the 4+ but the Bikes have more melta & are faster; enter trade-off). You could of course reserve, DoA your ASM melta in and turbo-boost your bikes on, etc.

THe only list I've had huge problems with so far was against Wolf's SW list (thanks to a last minute addition of...oh is that...Tempest? really Wolf, really :P?) which crushed me (into a DRAW HA!) because I couldn't withstand his dedicated charges. With the added TH/SS...well might be different (bring it blood claws!; in fact, rematch!). IG are a problem for everyone being one of the best lists out there but there are ways to deal with it as long as you can weather the storm.

kennedy said...

@Kirby: Ok, I see that. IG are a bear for anyone to deal with. Unforturnately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), there are no serious IG players here, so I don't get to play against the list as often as I'd like. My bikers, however, fear them.

I hear you on the wolf list, my buddy Chris did the same thing to me, except mine ended in defeat after a squad lost 4 guys to dangerous terrain. Yuck.

Smurfy said...

My Biker army (Pure Bike SM) Fears not any IG army so far...Turbo till you meet the tanks you fear most...Shoot them down. They get out to Plas you? You ruin their day if they fail, which they can and will.

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