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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Email in: Wound Allocation [Rules]

"Hey Kirby what's up? I need to show this cat at the FLGS something tangible about wound allocation. The rulebook is not enough for him. Basically I was telling a guy that people who make all the nobs in the unit unique, would assign double toughness wounds to a model that has one wound left. This is legal yes? No? Can you break this down for me on your site so I can direct him to it?


Correct. All reference data is on p26. If you have multi-wound models who are all exactly the same you cannot do this as the BRB specifically states you must remove whole models first. However, if you have some unqiue multi-wound models or all unique multi-wound models, you allocate all wounds before you take your saves. This allows you to put any ID weaponry on already wounded members of the squad.

4 pinkments:

The Brotha said...

Thanks dude!

grav said...

This is why you shoot the instant death weapons first.

Clayton Campbell said...

take a look at page 26 again m8. you have to allocate ID wounds to unwounded models first then allocate the remaining, then allocate the none ID wounds. In fact it stated that you do this so you cant allocate IDs to the wounded models first.

so no you can not allocate ID wounds to wounded people unless everyone in the squad is already wounded.

Kirby said...

read para 3 again Clayton. Allocate first.

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