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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mistake Mondays: For Absolutely No Raisin!


It is time once more for some sexy, sexy mistakes and the somewhat less sexy Warhams that make them.

#1: the Other One Imperative
No enemy model can ever come within 1" of your models (and vice versa) except during a charge. With spikey or unbalanced models, awkward terrain, etc, it can be easy to forget, but you always have a 1" buffer around your models- use it. Whether keeping someone off an objective or denying them access to a unit they want to charge or shoot, being able to effectively create a 3" zone (1" on each side and 1" for the base itself) of non-availability with each model gives you a lot of flexibility in controlling the enemy's movement, if used right.

#2: Ruins and the Climbing Thereof
Only infantry, walkers, and monstrous creatures can move into the upper levels of a ruin normally (i.e. by spending 3" of movement). Jetbikes, jump infantry, and skimmers can move onto them at full speed (and provided they have a place to land), but have to make Dangerous Terrain tests as always. Beasts/cavalry, bikes, and all other vehicle types are completely unable to move into the upper levels.

#3: Difficult Ground and 12" Moves
Bikes and jump infantry do not need to make Difficult Terrain tests during the movement phase; they instead make a Dangerous Terrain where appropriate, but otherwise can move their full distance. During the assault phase, jump infantry behave just like infantry (making Difficult Terrain tests as normal), whereas bikes continue to move full distance but suffer Dangerous Terrain tests for it.

#4: Sweeping Advance
Sweeping advances are always made on unmodified initiative and do not benefit/suffer from Furious Charge, Lash Whips, Banshee Masks, etc, etc. If any member of a unit is unable to make a Sweeping Advance (i.e. wearing Terminator Armor), the opposing squad escapes safely unless there is another friendly unit in the combat that could pursue them.

#5: Feel No Pain
Feel No Pain "saves" (note that they are not actually a save, although they by and large behave like one) cannot be taken against any of the following:
-Any weapon which would inflict instant death, even if the model in question is an Eternal Warrior.
-Any AP1 or AP2 shooting attack.
-Any attack which ALWAYS ignores ALL armor saves. Close combat weapons like Power Fists are the most common example of this, but it also includes wounds from Dangerous Terrain, some special abilities (such as the Doom of Malan'tai), and miscellaneous other effects. Shooting attacks with an AP that bypasses the model's armor (unless AP1 or 2, as noted above) are insufficient to qualify for this, as they do not always ignore armor, only in one particular case.

#6: Going Flat Out
A vehicle which moves flat out cannot later disembark passengers, and if passengers disembark the vehicle may not move flat out later in the turn. If a vehicle is immobilized after having moved flat out in the previous movement phase, it is instead wrecked. Skimmers moving flat out go up to 24" instead of 18" and gain a 4+ cover save for doing so.

#7: Ruins and Blast Markers
Blast weapons and template weapons can only hit a single level of a ruin with any given shot. This must be chosen before firing and before scatter is determined.

#8: Shooting From a Vehicle
Passengers shooting from inside a vehicle count as moving if the vehicle moves at all (except pivoting); if it moves more than 6", they may not fire at all, even if it is Fast. Shaken/stunned damage results will likewise prevent them from shooting, although if they disembark they cease to be affected and may act normally.

#9: Defender Reacts
Movement as part of the Defender Reacts step is made only after all assaulters have been moved and only by models that are not yet in contact with an enemy unit; if there is a particular model you want to isolate somehow (keep a Power Fist away from your character, etc), make sure he is contacted by at least one model during the initial charge. Enemy Independent Characters are always required to be the first models moved during the Defender Reacts step to prevent them from "hiding" in the back of fight.

#10: Forgetting Units
Obligatory playstyle tip. Make sure you are familiar with your army through and through- if you can't list off all the units in it from memory, you are probably going to forget them during a game. (I am not, however, suggesting you go through and memorize your army list, but rather you should use it enough that you know it by virtue of experience.) Before moving to the next phase of a turn, check over the battlefield to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. What did each of your units do this phase? If you can't remember, they may not have acted. If you find you are extremely forgetful with this sort of thing, it may be worthwhile to buy or make a set of counters to indicate which of your units have acted, placing one such token next to the unit when it shoots/moves and removing them at the end of the phase.

10 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

For the 12" thing, something people forget a lot is that cav rolls 2D6" for charging through terrain and double the highest.


GMort. said...

I'm terrible for point 10. I had to put a die next to each unit in my Mech Marine army as it fired or I'd invariably forget to shoot with something.

Meister_Kai said...

Two questions:

1. I could of swore I read that jetbikes cannot turbo-boost into ruins. They can move 12 and go just fine (taking tests etc) but cannot move faster. I'll check this later. Also this means that my Vypers can do this lol.

2. I was under the impression that a fast skimmer could go 6", 12", then go 18-24" for the cover save. You have to go the entirety of the 24 to get the save? I've only received a cover save for going 24" so far in my games so this hasn't really affected me yet I guess, just asking for some clarity.

The_King_Elessar said...

@Meister Kai - you are almost completely correct. 13" is sufficient for Cover.

Regarding Dangerous tests, also - it cannot be said enough times - these are NOT subject to Wound Allocation - each model is rolled for individually, often preventing charges, and forcing you to rejig the unit to maintain coherency.

AbusePuppy said...


Correct. When you Turbo Boost, you cannot enter Difficult/Dangerous Terrain at any point during the movement.

You are also correct (and TKE) regarding the flat out save; I edited things slightly to make it more clear.

Maintaining coherency and losing unique models are both major issues for Dangerous Terrain tests, yes. Of course, some armies suffer less from this than others (i.e. Tyranids).

Eltnot said...

You only need to be going Flat out to benefit from the cover save, so anything further than 12" will give you a cover save.

Bikes Turbo Boosting must move at least 18" from their starting point to benefit from their cover saves.

Meister_Kai said...

Wow, thanks guys, did not know that you could only go 13" and get the save, this is huge!

I don't get the logic behind not being able to disembark guys and then going flat out, but I'll just accept it for what it is. Also you should change this line:

"A vehicle which moves flat out cannot later disembark passengers"


"A vehicle which moves flat out cannot later disembark passengers unless you are Imperial Guard, you son of a bitch".

One last thing. When you say "When you Turbo Boost, you cannot enter Difficult/Dangerous Terrain at any point during the movement" you mean that when I do turbo boost I can not at any point fly over buildings, craters etc, or that I cannot land on them (as in finish my move on them)? Does the same hold true for jetbikes and skimmers (mostly talking Eldar here lol)?

Kirby said...

It's different for Bikers & Jetbikes Kai. SKimmers as tanks don't care, their move fast is different. For Jetbikes you can turbo-boost anywhere as long as you don't end in terrain. Bikes cannot turboboost through terrain which is a huge difference.

AbusePuppy said...

You are allowed to "pass over" terrain in a jetbike while Turbo-Boosting because, as per their unit type rules, they ignore such terrain unless they start or end their movement phase in it.

Moving Flat Out does not prevent you from entering terrain, on the other hand. However, it's worth noting that if you do so you risk immobilizing (and hence destroying) yourself, so it's generally not worth the risk.

The_King_Elessar said...

Finally, (I should'a said before...) it is DECLARED Movement that matter for the Cover Save. In Assault, it is PHYSICAL Movement - the distance between your starting point and finish point. Eg - a Land Speeder can stay stationary, yet if you declare it is moving 13" on the spot, it benefits from a Cover Save from Shooting, and gets hit automatically in combat.

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