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Saturday, August 14, 2010

3++ Review

This weekend will be pretty quiet thanks to the NOVA Open. I'll be one of the few people posting! At least I have an excuse unlike Brent. The excuse...I live in the concentrated death-location of Australia. I fight for my life daily! And then the traffic! ugh. Anyway, Brent has decided to review 3++ over on Blood of Kittens (*eyebrow*) and there are some funny bits (all from me) in there. You can check it out here: Strictly Blogging! Thanks a bunch to Brent who put this all together and everyone who has read 3++ and encouraged me and my authors to post by commenting and generally complimenting our work.

Otherwise for this weekend I'll just do e-mails I think. A nice weekend off and reading all the live NOVA open stuff + thesis work. Enjoy the review!

6 pinkments:

Auretious Taak said...

We should play a game this evening on vassal. By evening I mean 5-7pm, speed play it as I have to be up at 3am for the second of my 10 zoo practical placements (yep, 6:40am starts mean 3am hget ups, hooray for public transport!). That or at the least talk and catch up via vassal cause we SO need to. Also, are you headed to the 2k pts no comp tourney at Woolongong? If I can geta lift down I'll do it I reckon. I don't have a proper no comp army built or the models entirely for it so it'd be more of a, Fuck this, I'm running 2k pts of Legion of the Damned themed funsies, table me in 3 turns, fuck you! lol. :p Alternatively if I could borrow the models, running the classic Vulkan, 30 TH+SS Termies and a bunch of scouts for lulz would be amusing too. :)

Roland Durendal said...


Anyway seeing as it's a down day....I think I'll post up my first part of bringing the Catachans into 5th ED. BOOYAH!

Nanobreaker said...

Hey i just dowloaded vassal and am looking for the warhammer 40k mod for it were do i get it its not in the mod library cause of copyright issues (like ive never heard that before).

Auretious Taak said...

Hurry up and respond to my email Kirby! Do so and I'll start spamming hundreds of articles at you for approval like AbusePuppy does and might even get 1 or 2 past your obscenely strict sensibilities too, lol. :p

Mordheim baby! :D

Katie Drake said...

Living in earth's miniature Catachan must be tough.

I wonder where Games Workshop got the idea for Death Worlds..?

Kirby said...

Our backyard, we get it Katie lol

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