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Saturday, August 14, 2010

NOVA Open Thoughts

There's been a bunch of raging and emoness on the internets lately about the NOVA Open and the perceived 'goodness' or 'badness' of what it promotes. Regardless of what you think, massive congratulations needs to go to Mike for organising such a vast 'convention' of nerds with sponsorship and not just creating a competitive environment but handing out prizes for the hobby aspects of the game. The tournament format gives you a competitive winner, un-defeated players, etc. but individuals with great armies and paintjobs are still being rewarded with prizes and recognition. Add in getting to meet people from all over the country (USA in this case) and sounds bloody exciting. Sure you might have some people complaining about the competitive armies but you've got the non-competitive field covered with different aspects.

I therefore greatly look forward to feedback in relation to how it was run and how the different views of our enjoyable hobby found the environment and atmosphere. That being said, I believe the competitive results will actually be referenced (note I am saying this before the tournament has begun) as practical evidence of army rankings. Yes one tournament which we believe is competitive isn't a very good sample but it gives us an idea.

So best of luck to everyone going and I hope you all have a ball. I expect lots of Battle-reports, internet-hate-turning-real-and-everyone-realising-it's-just-a-game-and-thus-being-all-polite-face-to-face-and-then-turning-back-into-internet-fighting-once-we-get-back-to-the-safety-of-our-computers, new friendships and a massive huge for Mike. I'll just sit in Australia an reply to e-mails.

4 pinkments:

Katie Drake said...

Kirby, you missed it. Everyone watching the Live Feed thought that Stelek and Dash were gonna throw down, but it turns out that it didn't happen and we were all completely misreading the situation. =(

Thud said...

I have some feedback for next year's Nova Open already: Needs more ragequit!

Kirby said...

What happened katie!? lol

Kirby said...

Here's the stream of the final game.

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