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Monday, August 30, 2010

Email in: 1750 Tau

"Hi Kirby,

This is my second time writing in, and I must express my continued appreciation of your blog. The articles are concise (generally) and well written, and I'm glad that you've recently promised to write up some Tau BatReps. Without too much pussyfooting around, my local metagame is typically at 1750 points. I was wondering how you would work a 1750 Tau list, based of Stelek's/your "best of"

Hi Kirby,
I wrote in on this topic a while back, but no reply. You're blog's been abuzz with new posts and activity, so I guess that explains it. I'm just trying my luck again. I've written in before, but once again, I have to express my admiration for your work. The articles are concise, well-written and genuinely insightful. I played a game last week based heavily off your 2k Tau list, and used a lot of the bubblewrap/Tau tactics your described. They worked a treat and my opponent was cursing how a (relative) noob managed to beat him so soundly. =)

Without beating around the bush too much, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how you could trim your list to 1750points, as that is the what most locals here play. I was toying around with the idea of dropping one of the piranha squadrons and dropping the kroot squads in size a bit, but I was worried that I might be sacrificing too much blocking/bubble wrap. Your thoughts?


A (slightly less, thanks to your blog) confused noob

P.S Can't wait to see your promised Tau BatReps =) For the Greater Good!"

Patience people! I've got 10 e-mails stacked in my inbox and other than weekends I don't like to spam these out all at once. If I haven't posted your reply within a week send me an email, not a few days :P. Anyway, first off the Tau list credit goes firmly to Stelek. Whilst I may have used a similar list to Stelek in previous editions (no Piranhas or Broadsides) he came up with the list and I modified mine appropriately. That said, I am a hugely outspoken supporter of the list.

Dropping a Piranha squadron and Kroot squad sizes are a perfect drop to 1750. Dropping a Piranha squadron, 7 Hounds (so one squad to 14 the other to 13) and a single Crisis suit hits you up at 1749 points. You've lost a tiny bit of firepower and a defensive blocker but you're still operating at nearly 2k level offensive firepower.

I'll get those bat-reps up when my Tau army actually assembles. Still hunting around for some cheap Hammerheads and Crisis suits ^^.

17 pinkments:

Lord Zorgatron said...

What can I say Kirbster, we noobs are eager for your love :B

VT2 said...

Tau is a very, very hard army to figure out, and having everybody and their mother on all forums ever recommend you pick up 36 firewarriors doesn't make things any easier.

Kirby said...

*eyebrow* well back off =D

Forums are generally full of fail anyway. Puppy and I made the Tau tactica withstandable for a while on warseer but too much effort now. Downhill it goes. Same arugments. Same people. All thetime.

VT2 said...

But if no one goes there to save the lamb, the great circle of buying used firewarriors will continue.

Kirby said...

Well kick Puppy into saving them lol.

VT2 said...

I'm thinking when the new codex for tau is eventually released, we need to jump their forum, and make the official 'tactica' thread.

Sage said...

Or, better yet, create a dummy account, find a way to get admin, the proceed to 'loose' the old thread somewhere. OH WELL GUYS, LOST THE OLD THREAD, LETS START A NEW ONE, HOW DOES FISH OF FAIL SOUND FOR A TITLE?

That said, Kirby, if you find a cheap source of Crisis suits, hook us up, even Total Wargamer is kinda expensive (9 suits * $16.15 is arg). Why did they stop selling the three-suit packs?

Kirby said...

Why would we want to hack into Warseer and not delete the site...

Will do. Wayland might be cheaper (use their banner) as Wargamer does better army deals.

Sage said...

Wargamer is still 27p cheaper, with the 20% sale. That's a cool .4 dollars per crisis suit. Which should be just enough money to buy a large towel which I can use to cry myself to sleep, as I think of how much money I paid for Crisis suits.

Also Kirby, I think I'm going to go derail Warseer every once in a while, and try to save a few good tau players from FoF.

VT2 said...

Straight up tell them to come here, and they'll be saved.

The cheapest way to get crisis suits is to ask former players for them. Most are willing to trade 'superior' tactical marines, ork boyz, black reach dreads, and other such nonsense for them.

If you're not blessed with retired tau players, go check on ebay.
You can usually find chopped, dismembered ones for half a dollar. As long as all pieces are included, they can be salvaged.

Kirby said...

E-bay is your best bet then :P.

Educate rather than de-rail ^^. (i.e. send them here lol)

Sage said...

Kirby, in a forum dedicated to FoF, what do you think intelligence is, besides a derail?

VT2 said...

A breach of the terms of service, or at least ten different kinds of rules violations?

Sage said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to make a bunch of different forum accounts, use college computer labs, and so on. Bets on how quickly it takes for them to ban the whole college's IP?

Kirby said...

Depends what you do lol or how often they read here :P.

VT2 said...

I was banned for telling someone that necrons with chains was an awful idea.
Then again, they banned my second account for telling people that monoliths are n00bhammers.

SneakyDan said...

Pirahnas at 1750 are an epic waste of time. I'v discovered this over the tournament year. Your better off putting points into units that can actually pump out firepower, rather than having effective movement blockers. On the off chance that you run into a triple landraider deathsquad of doom, at 1750 (it happens) You still have railguns. And, because you didnt spend points on the pirahna, you generally have MORE of them.

My current list is a Stelek style jobby, with less blocking.

Shasel, TL MP, Pos relay (more on this later, when I finish my Tau article for kirbypants)

9 Fire Warriors
12 Kroot, 5 hounds
12 kroot, 5 hounds
2 x 3 man XV8 Teams, TL MP/Target Arrays, Team Leader with BSF
3 XV8's Plasma/fusion, multitrackers, Team Leader with TA and a gun drone

8 Pathfnders, team leader (for LD value)
Warfish for finders

3 Broadsides, BASS, Team leader with Target lock

Thats pretty much it. You have a PLETHORA of railguns to pop heavy armor, and you dont have to sacrifice them to do it. With pathfinder support, you can reliably drop a Raider even with a cover save, pretty much every turn (Unless the dice fail you.) The upshot is that you dont have to sacrifice the pirahna team to do it. The TL MP teams and the Shasel stop rhinos/chimeras, the kroot bubble wrap. The pos relay is something i find to be highly useful. The fusion/plasma squad is designed to combat the terminator/FNP Sang guard armies out there, where you need that extra AP 2 on short notice. Pos relay means you can keep a unit of kroot, and the fusion bomb in reserve, and use them as you see fit. Hydra squadron in the back corner? Nom Nom, outflanking kroot. 10 TH/SS Termis running towards you cause you popped their raiders? Markerlighted rapidfiring suit death, plus the now free railguns that dont need to target heavy armor anymore.

More on SneakyDans Tau-fu in the near future. When I get time.

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