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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mistake Mondays: The Others Ones (Special Final Edition)


This week we have a grab bag of different codices' rules to finish things off with. Undoubtedly there have been some things that have slipped through the cracks, but for the time being at least, I feel the subject has been sufficiently well-covered. I'll have another article series coming up soon (as well as a special battle report around the middle of this week), so don't be too disappointed.

#1: Whipping Boy
Armor saves and FNP may be taken against wounds inflicted by a Bosspole, since there is no prohibition against doing so. You cannot choose to inflict the wound on the model with the pole, however, and as usual you may not reroll the dice more than once for any reason.

#2: Mobs RULE!
Orks can use their shared Leadership from Mob Rule for anything- this includes pinning tests, morale/regrouping tests, psychic tests, Mind War/Boneswords rolls, etc. Anything.

#3: My Time to Die
Spirit of the Martyr must be used at the beginning of a phase (shooting or assault) and lasts only for the duration of that phase; you may not wait to see who the enemy chooses to attack/how much damage they deal and then spend the Faith.

#4: No Trespassing
Durrr! For a guy writing a rules column, I sure don't know my rules!

#5: Render Farm
Gauss weapons, like Rending weapons, always wound units on a to-wound roll of six. Unlike Rending, they do not ignore armor saves (except as dictated by their normal AP). On the other hand, they glance any vehicle on a penetration roll of six, regardless of armor value.

#6: Inverse Tachyon Beam
A Monolith can always fire its Particle Whip, unless it teleported a unit in the same turn. This is allowed even if it entered by DS that turn, was shaken/stunned, etc, also fired the Flux Arcs, etc.

#7: My Buddy and Me
Drones adopt the type of whatever unit they are part of, so usually Infantry, but Jump Infantry (Jetpack) for Crisis and Stealth suits. This is usually only relevant for Marker Drones, who are Relentless when with a battlesuit.

#8: Casey at the Bat
Markerlight usage must be announced before any to-hit or Night Fighting rolls are made, and all counters are expended at the beginning of shooting, excepting if the shooting never happens due to a failed spotting roll. Counters from a unit's own shooting may not be used unless it has a Networked Markerlight (which fires first, an exception to the normal rule of simultaneous shooting.)

#9: Stand By Me
Tau Commanders with XV8 Bodyguards and Ethereals with Fire Warrior Bodyguards are part of the unit and cannot be separately targeted in close combat; drones attached to an Independent Character, however, do not function this way and cannot have wounds allocated to them during a melee. (By the same token, a model that is only in contact with the drones cannot harm the model that bought them- remember, however, that Defender Reacts moves may well bring them into contact with such models.)

#10: Not For You
Vespid units (unless they have a Strain Leader) and Kroot cannot take advantage of Markerlight hits, nor may any allied units from another codex, unless scenario rules make an exception for them. Tau vehicles and drones, however, may.

5 pinkments:

Scribbles said...

#4 is incorrect. The FAQ removed the "only this squad" stipulation from the Witch Hunter transports.

MasterSlowPoke said...

Same with #6. The Monolith rules only say that it can move and fire ordnance, not that it can fire after moving 6"+ (such as when it deep strikes). It's just an outdated rule.

NockerGeek said...

I'm not sure on #9. The Tau Codex is pretty clear that the drones and IC form a unit, even though that unit can still join other units, and the drones are always attached to the unit controlling them. That would seem to indicate that wounds to the IC could be redirected to that IC's drones (and only that IC's drones), and that assaulters in base-to-base with the drones are still in contact with the IC's unit.

AbusePuppy said...

Has it? Color me stupid, then; last I had seen, that line was still in there.

"The Particle Whip may be fired even if the Monolith moves, ..." I suppose that's interpretable either way. I'm gonna stand by it, though.

I'm assuming the Drones work the same way that Fenrisian Wolves do- which, given GW's sometimes loose usage of rules, could be argued against, but lacking any other precedent I think we're forced to assume here. An IC + Drones form their own unit, but the rules say that the IC "separates" from his unit during close combat, and the SW FAQ seems to reinforce this.

NockerGeek said...

Looking at the SW FAQ, I have to (sadly) agree with you. The rules for Fenrisian Wolves seem identical to the drone rules, so it makes sense that the same ruling that applies to the former applies to the latter.

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