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Monday, August 23, 2010

Email in: Black Templar list review [2000]

"Hello Kirby,

I was directed to your blog through the bolter and chainsword website. Messanger of Death was the user over there that turned me onto your blog. I have to say I really like the way that you present information, I enjoy reading your reviews and take into consideration all of your tips and suggestions. For me your blog and others have been a help since this is my first time ever playing 40k. I have played other table top games before, and for years I would enter gaming shops to purchase items for the other games I played and I would hear the quiet call of those 40k space marines. Well a few months ago I finally gave in and took the plunge and purchased the Black Templar Codex and quite a few marines and models. I have really enjoy the BT's and I love the fluff associated with it.

I have really been learning a lot about the game and my LHS hold a tourney about every 2 months, I have decided I would to hop into the next one and I am thinking of taking one of the following lists. Now I have played both lists once so far and I notice the both play very differently. The 1st list I feel like I have a lot of options and in a 3 objective game I won. The 2nd list I feel like it needs a more aggressive play style, I need to get up and into my opponents face quickly the 2nd list was also played on a 3 objective game and it was a draw. I play a lot of nid and eldar, and typically terrain is pretty sparse. Anyway I would love any feed back you can offer, and I continue to look forward to all the cool information that your blog offers!


List #1

Elite- Assault Term x 6 2TH's 4 LC's furious charge in LRC w/ Smoke and Blessed Hull
Troop1- 8init/2neo PF/M in rihno w/ smoke
Troop2- 7init/2neo PF/m in rihno w/ smoke and EC
Troop3- 5init Lascannon in Lasback w/ smoke and armor
Troop4-Same as troop3
Fast-3 Landspeeders MM/HF
Heavy-2 Dakka Preds

Point total-1994

List #2
HQ-EC AAC, in LRC #2
Elite-5 Assault Terms 1TH 4 LC's in LRC #1 w/ smoke and blessed hull
Elite-1 vendread w/ Lascannon/Missle Tankhunter, armor
Troop1-10init, 4 neo, pf/m in LRC #2 w/ smoke and blessed hull
Troop2-8init 2 neo pf/m in rhino w/ smoke
Troop3-8int 2 neo pf/m in rhino w/ smoke
Fast-3 landspeeders MM/HF
Point total-2003"

Glad you like the blog Ashton and found it useful. Between your 2 lists the first list is the better one with more fire support and targets for your opponent (and being under the points limit) but the single Land Raider form list 1 is concerning. So you can either suck it up and take a single LR and have those games where it gets disabled early or is blocked or work towards grabbing a 2nd LRC. The problem with the 2nd option is Vanilla Marines do double Terminators much better (so if you're willing to play Black Templars through the Vanilla list, that's fine ^^). Otherwise you need to drop the LasPlas Troop squads and probably a Speeder to grab another Raider hull and a unit to fit inside.

You could also go completely the other route and drop the LRC and run shooting Terminators w/2x asscannons + tank hunters. Whilst you lose some combat ability and link breaking power you gain a lot of mobile shooting power.

3 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Definitely the first, as Kirby said.

Having just 1 Land Raider is a risk, I would suggest picking up another. You eat up a good chunk of points, but BT Terms make anything cry. Back them up with Preds, Razors and Speeders and you should be set.

VT2 said...

The strengths of the templar book are killy characters, truly elite, anti-everything terminators at range, the classic tiny squads with heavy and special weapon, and re-rolls against pretty much everything in combat.

Land raider spam isn't all that great below 2.5k, but it can be effective.

First rule of land raiders - all of them: take more than one, or take none at all.

Redfinger said...

THanks for the review Kirby....kind of like the concept "go big or go home" thanks for all the feed back though, and I will let you know how it all goes!!!

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