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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Email in: Team Tournament Officiating

"Good afternoon Kirby, or morning it must be

I am trying to get a team tournament together and have been trying to sort out the details of how to get teammate's armies to interact or not properly. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make 40k more compatible with multi-player games on a competitive level. I've got the basics (below) sorted out, but was wondering about your thoughts, as I've never really gotten multi-player 40k to work well. Thanks for your time and have a good day.

Each team will consist of two players. Each player will be responsible for all actions relating to their models, including movement, rolling and care. Team members will not be allowed to target models belonging to their team mates for any reason.

Neither will models from one team member's army be able to join the other team member's units, nor embark on their vehicles for any reason.

Nor will any positive or negative effect of a model transfer to any model not owned by the model's owner.

Models belonging to one team member do not need to maintain any distance from models belonging to the other team member.

Each player will have an allowance of 1000 points with which to select their army, no more. Should one player choose to not use all of the points allotted to them for their army, their teammate may not use the excess points.

Should the entirety of one player's models be removed from play, the game will continue until the game is resolved. For a team to be "tabled" the entirety of both player's models must have either been removed as a casualty, destroyed, or remained in reserve at the end of the game.


Well the floor is open for people to make suggestions here as I have minimal experience with doubles tournaments. I'm not really a fan of this though... "Nor will any positive or negative effect of a model transfer to any model not owned by the model's owner." I think bonuses like Blood Chalice, Vulkan's Chapter tactics, etc. should be included in a doubles tournament. You're not really playing 40k anyway because of the allies or double FoC side of it and you disadvantage some armies significantly by having them play at 1000 points (i.e. BA and Tyranids pay for force multpliers which are less effective at lower points). I can see where you're coming from (Seer Councils with FNP? wtf....) but not sure if it's appropriate.

What do others think though? Any advice or experiences in relation to doubles tournaments for Heretic?

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eriochrome said...

This format removes all the really nasty combos from doubles which is helpful to cut the advantage between people who come with partners and those who might get partnered at the event.

With 1K points you might want to remove the required choices from the FOC.

The CPT said...

Shared Force Org, with each player taking the minimum 1x HQ and 2x Troops for their 1000. Then it's up to the team to decide what goes in the remaining slots. (It leaves 2x troops, 3x Elites, 3x FA, and 3x HS between the two armies)

This is as opposed to a team tourney where players still get all force org slots per 1000, and prevents a situation where 2x IG players team up and bring, say, 12 hydras (for example).

VT2 said...

The whole point of team tournaments is to combine odd and weird powers and abilities.
If you take that out, you might as well make them play half of a 2k army from any given book each.

eriochrome said...


There is a difference between building two forces from different codexes to cover each others weaknesses and trying to find builds that exploit special abilities in ways never intended to break the game.

VT2 said...

That's kinda the whole point.
Building two forces, from two different books, to cover for each other.

Why else would you go to one of these tournaments?

Speaking of 'breaking the game,' the game was never designed to let two armies work together like this in the first place, so you already 'broke' the system when you decided to hold team tournaments.

Ishamael said...

This game has no multiplayer rules beyond 1v1, so rules need to be made up to accommodate potential rules abuse because one of the codices states "friendly", while another states "friendly Eldar/Tau".

You go to one of these events to play with a friend against other teams, not to sit back and find the bestest exploitation of poor wording. It's a team-up of two forces that generally don't like eachother (honestly, nobody likes anyone else in this game), so why should they get the benefits of the sparkling priest while in a squad of something else?

sang priest + grots = funny though

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