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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Email in: Weird BA list names?


So, I've been following your gent's blog more now that you are joining in on my BoLS hating. :)

Question though... I keep seeing all kinds of weird names for Blood Angels. Just a weird plethora of them. Mind giving me the list and what they are (what the lists are in general, though feel free to send me a sample). I am quite curious, being interested in Blood Angels. Shockingly, it's not an army you see played in my area!



I'm not a BoLS hater. There are posters there I respect and whilst I may not agree with their message, I don't hate them. Like Mike's post on Whiskey & 40k, I support a united 40k & Fantasy community. Whilst I may riddicule posts on BoLS or use them as a lauching point, I make sure I explain the why. They have a large readership who believe a lot of what they say which isn't always right (politically correct). To your e-mail...

BA have no weird names!? They have awesome names. The Army Compilation link has a lot of the armies you're asking after but here's a brief run down with the silly names:
  • Blood Rodeo - ASM screened by Bikes w/FNP/FC Bubbles
  • Jumpers - All Jump Pack army w/ASM, HG, VV, Libbies and SG
  • Bloodwing - All Jump Pack army led by Dante w/SG Troops
  • Blood Hammer - Jumper army supported by Devastators instead of VV
  • Nipple Hammer - Bloodwing army supported by Devastators instead of VV
Those are all the odd names I can think of and the link above will provide you with links to army lists (mostly at 2000 points).

3 pinkments:

Captain Kellen said...

Blood Storm... Using three fully loaded storm ravens.

Anonymous said...

They have some awesome names, but "Nipple Hammer" is just silly!

Kirby said...

Think of a better one then Iyracian. Leaving me to do all the work, hmph.

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